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Regular health screenings are vital for early disease detection and preventive care. In Singapore, with its abundance of high-quality healthcare options, choosing the right clinic can be overwhelming. So, to guide you on your way to optimal health, here’s a list of the 10 highest-rated health screening clinics in Singapore.


The Best Health Screening Clinics in Singapore

1. MaNaDr Health Screening

Providing personalised and comprehensive health screening packages, MaNaDr prides itself on disease prevention and early detection. They offer a range of packages from essential to extensive, catering to individual needs.

Address2 Venture Drive #07-06/07 Vision Exchange Singapore 608526

2. Fullerton Health Screening Centre

A trusted name in preventive healthcare, Fullerton Health offers a wide array of screening packages, including corporate and executive options. They boast modern facilities and experienced medical professionals.

Address6 Raffles Boulevard #03-308 Marina Square Singapore 039594

3. Parkway Shenton

With a focus on holistic wellness, Parkway Shenton offers comprehensive health screenings, along with advanced imaging and specialist consultations. They cater to individual needs and budgets with a diverse range of packages.


4. National University Hospital (NUHS)

This prestigious public hospital offers a range of health screening packages, from basic to specialised, tailored to different age groups and health concerns. Their expertise and comprehensive approach make them a popular choice.

Address5 Lower Kent Ridge Road Singapore 119074

5. Minmed Clinics

Specialising in quick and convenient health screenings, Minmed Clinics offer islandwide availability and non-fasting test options. Their packages are competitively priced, making preventive care accessible.


6. Raffles Hospital

Renowned for its medical excellence, Raffles Hospital offers a range of comprehensive health screening packages, including executive and specialty options. Their advanced technology and experienced doctors ensure top-notch service.

Address585 North Bridge Road Singapore 188770

7. Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH)

This established hospital offers a variety of affordable health screening packages, including those focused on specific conditions like diabetes and liver health. Their commitment to public healthcare makes them a reliable choice.

Address11 Jalan Tan Tock Seng, Singapore 308433

8. Mediway Medical Centre

Specialising in health screening, Mediway offers affordable and accessible packages, with same-day results and follow-up doctor consultations. Their focus on convenience and affordability makes them a good choice for budget-conscious individuals.

Address20 Upper Circular Road, #B1-26/29, The Riverwalk, Singapore 058416

9. Screen for Life

While not a clinic, this national program from the Health Promotion Board (HPB) offers subsidised basic health screenings to Singapore citizens and permanent residents. It is a cost-effective option for those eligible, covering essential tests like blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol.


10. Dr. B Medical Group

This clinic specialises in women’s health and offers comprehensive health screening packages tailored to women’s specific needs. They also provide discreet and confidential HIV and STD testing services.

AddressSBF Center Medical Suites 160 Robinson Road #03-09 SBF Center Medical Suites Singapore 068914


This list provides a diverse range of options to cater to your individual needs and budget. Remember to consider factors like the types of tests included, location, price, and patient reviews before making your choice. Also, check your health insurance coverage for any health screening benefits. Some insurers may partially or fully cover certain screenings.

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