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Looking for an extra academic boost for your children in Sembawang? Parents searching for the best tuition centre for their children are spoilt for choice. With numerous centres offering a variety of programs, deciding where to enrol your child can be overwhelming. This article explores some of the top-rated options in Sembawang:

The Best Tuition Centres in Sembawang

1. EduFirst Learning Centre

EduFirst Learning Centre is a tuition and student care centre in Singapore with over 22 locations. They offer small group classes with a focus on maximizing each child’s potential, with subjects like English, Math, Chinese, and Science for pre-primary, primary, and secondary school levels. They have been awarded “Best Enrichment and Learning Schools” since 2016.

Address2 Sembawang Cres, #04-02 Canberra Community Club, Singapore 757632

2. JustEdu Learning Centre

JustEdu Learning Centre is focused on making learning enjoyable and nurturing students’ passions. Established in 1999, they provide tuition classes for students from primary to junior college levels, with a team of passionate staff dedicated to providing quality education.

Address30 Sembawang Dr, #04-04, Singapore 757713

3. AGrader Learning Centre

AGrader goes beyond traditional exam preparation. Their program incorporates exam-taking strategies and revision techniques, equipping students with the tools to excel. Additionally, their “EverLoop Improvement System” offers complimentary after-class resources for further support.

Address30 Sembawang Dr, #04-02, Singapore 757713

4. EZYMath Studio

EzyMath Studio focuses on making learning math enjoyable and effective, and their curriculum is designed to not only help students with current schoolwork but also prepare them for future academic challenges. They believe in fostering a love of learning and go beyond traditional classrooms to find learning opportunities in everyday life.

Address8 Jalan Legundi, #01-14/15, #16 Victory 8, Singapore 759274


Languagelab offers a curriculum designed to systematically teach English through animations, gamified exercises, and quizzes. Their program covers a range of topics, from basic vocabulary building to advanced grammar skills, for students from kindergarten to secondary level (K2-Secondary 5). They claim their method personalises learning by focusing on areas where students need the most help and guarantees improvement

AddressBlk 335 Sembawang Cl, #01-475, Singapore 750335

6. Kiasu Maths Tuition Centre

They specialise in Mathematics for students likely preparing for national exams. They boast a strong track record of improvement and achievement, claiming a 100% improvement rate in Maths skills and a high distinction rate.

Address37 Sembawang Cres, Singapore 756986

7. Reliance Learning Lab

Reliance Learning Lab is an education center that believes in nurturing well-rounded students. They focus on providing quality education and guidance to help students not only achieve their academic goals but also develop the character and skills necessary to succeed in the globalized world. Their aim is to equip students to be responsible, ambitious achievers who can handle future challenges.

Address483 Admiralty Link, #01-25, Singapore 750483

8. Mainspring Learning Centre

Mainspring Learning Centre focuses on supplementing mainstream education, with programs in English, Math, and Science targeted from preschool to secondary school. Their curriculum emphasizes building a strong foundation through proven techniques, along with character development and critical thinking skills.

Address466A Sembawang Dr, Block 466A, Singapore 751466

9. Xing Fan learning centre

Their curriculum focuses on developing students’ Chinese language skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. They offer classes that cover listening comprehension, oral exams, reading aloud, conversations, and writing compositions. The writing curriculum includes introductions, conclusions, useful phrases and paragraphs, idioms, proverbs, and picture or topic-based compositions.

Address03-03C 2, Sembawang Cres, CANBERRA COMMUNITY CLUB, 757632

10. MPM Math

MPM math Pro is a math enrichment program for students from pre-primary to upper primary levels in Singapore. They describe their approach as “fun learning through exploration,” aiming to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills alongside core mathematical concepts. They offer courses designed for different age groups and boast over 500,000 students worldwide.

Address30 Sembawang Dr, Singapore 757713


These are just a few of the many excellent tuition centres in Sembawang. It’s important to consider your child’s specific needs and learning style when making a decision. By carefully evaluating your options and keeping these factors in mind, you can find the perfect tuition centre in Sembawang to help your child thrive in school.

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