In a pinch for everyday essentials or craving a quick bite? Look no further than your friendly neighbourhood minimart. Offering a convenient selection of groceries, snacks, drinks, and household items, here are some servies that will keep you visiting them for more!

1. Ethnic Speciality Products

A handful of minimarts specialise in a specific range of products, such as those which are country-specific, dry and preserved goods, as well as spices.

2. Quick Fix Medical Items

Apart from daily essentials, some minimarts offer a wide selection of over-the-counter medications like pain relievers or allergy medications.

3. Remittance Service

A remittance service helps people send money, often overseas. A handful of minimarts offer this service via a third-party provider.

4. Mobile e-Wallet Top Up

Minimarts offer mobile phone top up services through prepaid cards or a direct top-up through a payment terminal system. This is especially useful for those who do not have a local bank account for online transactions.

5. Printing, Photocopying & Scanning

In a paperless world, printers are gradually disappearing from households as the need to print diminishes. The service of printing & making physical or digital copies of important documents is becoming prevalent among minimarts.

6. Laundry

When visiting a laundromat seems too inconvenient, some minimarts offer regular laundry and dry cleaning services.

7. Parcel Drop Off Point

Some minimarts might partner with specific courier companies and act as their drop-off points. These stores will usually have signs or decals indicating their partnership.

8. Online Shopping Collection Point

Minimarts are perfect collection points that offer customers a convenient location to pick up their packages, especially if they don’t want to wait at home for a delivery or deal with missed deliveries.

9. The Human Touch

Minimarts provide a level of customer service that large supermarkets can’t match. Most minimart owners will remember regulars by name which helps to create a welcoming atmosphere that keeps people coming back.


The minimart isn’t just a store; for some of us, it was a lifeline, a place where you could not only buy things but also find a smile, a listening ear, and a sense of community. With these 9 services you won’t find in large supermarket chains, the humble minimart will always be a part of Singapore’s retail scene, in a constantly ever-changing world.

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