a. Receipt Logo

Allow users to upload the receipt logo. This logo will also be displayed on the 10” or 15” second displays.


b. Outlet Name

Will be pre-filled with Outlet Name, users can edit as preferred.


c. Company Name

Will be pre-filled with Company name registered with EPOS.


d. Tax Register Details

Allow users to enter Tax Type and Register Number , if users’ companies are tax-registered.


e. Queue Number

☑️  this setting to enable queue number to be printed on each receipt.


f. Paper Saving Mode

☑️  this setting to remove empty lines on each receipt.


g. Show Product Barcode Number

☑️  this setting to print product barcode below product name in sales receipt.


h. Company Info

Allow users to enter company information such as address or contact number.


i. Header

Allow users to enter a header which will be printed before the Outlet Name on the receipt.


j. Footer

Allow users to enter a footnote which will be printed at the bottom of the receipt.


k. Receipt Language

Allow users to select the second language to be supported by the receipt printing.


l. Save Changes

Click on Save Changes once done.


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