Prior to creating a kitchen printer in Backend Portal, users must ensure that the printer driver had been installed into the frontend POS Terminal.

💡 To check whether printer driver is installed, click on windows start button and search for Devices and Printers.

At the Kitchen Printing main page, click on New Printer, a New Kitchen Printer window will be shown.



1. Printer Name

Enter the Printer Name.

💡Printer name must be identical to the printer driver installed in Devices and Printers.


2. Printer Configurations

Allow users to configure the kitchen printer with different settings :

● ☑️   Separate line items

  ↳ Printer printouts will be 1 item per kitchen chits.

● ☑️  Auto Print Kitchen Products

  ↳ Allow users to send any unsent products when payment is collected.

● ☑️  Print Line Item Notes

  ↳ Item notes will be printed on each kitchen chit.

● ☑️   Print Order Notes

  ↳ Order notes will be printed on each kitchen chit.

● ☑️  Change Table Printout

  ↳ Kitchen chit will be printed when users changed table at POS.

● ☑️  Merge Table Printout

  ↳ Kitchen chit will be printed when users merged table at POS.

● ☑️  Print Queue Number

  ↳ Allow queue number to be printed on kitchen chits.

    🔲 Print Queue Number

  ↳ Hides the queue number from kitchen chits.

● Font Size: Large / Small


3. Select Outlets

Allows users to assign this kitchen to a particular outlet

a. Click on the text box to display all the active outlets created in the backend, like below.

b. Users then select single / multiple outlets to be added to the settings.

c. Once done click on anywhere to dismiss the dropdown.

Users can check  ☑️ Include new stores (this setting will automatically assign this printer whenever there is a new store created in the backend)

4. Create Printer

Once done configuring all the settings and outlets, click on Create Printer to confirm creation.


💡 For more information on configuring kitchen printing products, see Assigning Kitchen Printing Product to Kitchen Printers.


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