Daily Sales report allows users to view the total sales recorded from each outlet every day.


Users can utilize this report to

  • Review total sales made by each outlet at the end of the day.
  • Review the different types of payment collected from each outlet.
  • Detect any potential fraud with the help of “Cash In/Out” and “Void” records.
  • Break down the total amount of tax collected.


To access the Daily Sales report, under Sales Report, click on the Daily Sales tab.


1. Export

Allow users to export the Daily Sales Report based on the filtered criteria.

💡 Users are advised to export the report for any further analysis of data generated.


2. Filter

Allow users to generate a Daily Sales Report based on a specific date range and outlets. Users can also set the timing of the start of the store’s business day. Click on Apply Filter to generate a report.


3. Sales by Shift Report

Report generated will be based on the filtered criteria made in No.2.


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