Sales by Shift report provides users the convenience to view the total sales broken down to each shift recorded from all POS terminals in every outlet.


Users can utilize this report to:

  • Review total sales made at the end of every shift.
  • Enhance the store’s operations by streamlining the manpower during the peaks and troughs.
  • Identify the best performing shift in terms of sales.
  • Detect any potential fraud with the help of “Cash In/Out” and “Void” records.
  • To access the Sales by Shift report, under Sales Report, click on the Sales by Shift tab.


1. Export

Allow users to export the Sales by Shift report based on the filtered criteria.

💡 Users are advised to export the report for any further analysis of data generated.


2. Filter

Allows users to generate a Sales by Shift report based on specific date range, outlets, POS terminals and breakdown of information in terms of day, month and year. Click on Apply Filter to generate a report.


3. Sales by Shift Report

Report generated will be based on the filtered criteria made in No.2.


4. Show and Hide Category Sales

Allows users to click on the Sum Line to show and hide the category sales of the particular day.

5. Print

Allows users to download the sales by shift and category sales combined in a single PDF-format report.


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