General Settings | EPOS POS System

General Settings are those which will assist users in general usage of the FRONTEND POS


1. Auto Logout & Timer

Default setting – disabled.

If enabled – allows the system to auto-log out of FRONTEND POS after a specific period of inactivity.


2. Back to Sale after Payment Complete & Timer

Default setting – disabled.

If enabled – Automatically return to Sales Screen without users clicking on “Done” at the payment completion page after a specific period of time.


3. Separate Line Items

Default setting – disabled.

If enabled – Every item added to cart will be a single line item, multiple quantities of the same product will not be merged in the order cart.


4. Order Sequence Daily Reset

Default setting – disabled.

If enabled – Order Sequence printed on the sales receipt will start from 00001 for every first order of the day.


5. Show Virtual Keyboard

Default setting – disabled.

If enabled – a shortcut key for the virtual keyboard will be created.


6. Search Customer

Direct Match customer name

↳ Users must insert the customer’s name in full. No instant search.

Direct match customer phone or member number

↳ Users must insert customer’s phone number and lookup ID in full.


7. Weight Barcode Configuration

This setting is particularly for users who are using the Barcode Printing Weighing Scale supplied by EPOS.

Typical Setting:

Flag Code : 20

Barcode Format : FFCCCCCXXXXXD XXXXX: By weight

Show Quantity As: Actual Weight.

Users may contact EPOS Tech Support if there is any difficulty.


8. Automatic Weighing

Default setting – Disabled

If enabled – Does not require user to manually press ‘Confirm’ once a product is placed on the weighing scale.


9. Quickpick Backup

Allow users to import & export Quickpick data


20. Web Browser

Allow users to add a browser in the FRONTEND POS. Click on Add Tab, insert URL, and click Save.

A shortcut will be created.

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