To access the POS Menu, click on    located at the top left corner of the Sales Screen. A menu will be shown.

1. Network

Shows the network status of the terminal. A green light signifies the terminal is connected to a network.

2. Sync

Allow users to sync the changes done on BACKEND PORTAL to FRONTEND POS immediately. Reference video below


3. Close

Close POS Menu.

4. Sales

Direct users to the Sales Screen.

5. End Shift

Allow users to close the current shift. See How to End Shift for more information.

6. History

Allow users to access the transactions performed in FRONTEND POS.

7. Barcode Printing

Allow users to print barcode labels

💡Requires barcode printer and products created with barcodes.

Refer to Barcode Printing for more information.

8. Cash management

Allow users to perform cash in / cash out on the POS.

💡Cash management records will be recorded in BACKEND PORTAL as a part of shift report.

9. Settings

Allow users to configure the setting for FRONTEND POS.

10. Sales Summary

Hover the mouse over ⓘ to show the sales summary.

11. Staff-on duty

Shows the name of the staff logged into the POS.

12. Logout

Allow users to log out from the current session.

13. Close App

Auto-logs out users and shut down FRONTEND POS.

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