This section provides guidance on the features of Price Book. Usually used when there are customary product selling prices that need to be applied to either

● Specific customer group/ membership tier

● Specific outlet

● Specific period

● Or all of the above at once


With this feature, users are not needed to make amendments to the actual product information through the edit product function or product override function.


At the Features Panel, Click on Price Books to access Price Books main page.



1. New Price Book

The New Price Book window will be shown. For more information, see Creating a New Price Book.


2. Search Filter

Allows user to search for price book based on date filters and typing the price book name.


3. Price Book Details

Shows the details related to all price books created in BACKEND PORTAL.

● Name of Price Book

● Applicable Customer Groups and Memberships

● Applicable Outlets

● Start date and end date


4. Price Book Overview

Click on the name to access the overview page of a particular Price Book. For more information, see Price Book Configuration.


5. Edit Price Book

The Edit Price Book window will display, to enable users to make changes to an existing Price Book.


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