This section provides a detailed description on the product classes available to aid users in picking the right options while creating a new product.


1. Composite Product

Usually used to sell products in bundled packs, products made of a few other products, e.g. a cocktail is made of a few different spirits and beverages. For more information, see Composite Products.


2. Addon Product

Used for products which serve as additional add ons to a main product, e.g.  additional shot of espresso, additional toppings. For more information, see Add-on Products.


3. Package Product

Usually used for services sold in a bundle which can be redeemed in the future by customers. For more information, see Package Products.


4. Serial Number Product

Used for products that are tagged with a unique serial number or IMEI number for tracking purposes, e.g. Mobile phones. For more information, see Serial Number Products.


5. Weight Scale Product

Used for products which are tracked with weight and sold by price per unit weight. For more information, see Weight Scale Products.


💡 Once a product is created as one of the product class shown above, amendments cannot be made to the product class using the Edit Product function. Users must delete the product and re-create a new product of desired class


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