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Singapore is a city that never sleeps, and for those looking for a unique and exciting way to spend their evenings, prawning is the perfect activity. With its plethora of prawning ponds, Singapore is a prawning paradise for enthusiasts and amateurs alike. Whether you’re in the mood for a casual night out with friends enjoying the city’s vibrant nightlife or a serious prawning competition, we got you covered! 

So grab your rods, nets, bait, and snacks, and let’s dive into the world of prawning in Singapore!

Best Places for Prawning in Singapore


ORTO - Prawning Singapore

Source: ORTO via website – Prawning Singapore

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Website: https://www.orto.sg/

Address: 81 Lorong Chencharu, Singapore 769198

Operating Hours: Open 24 Hours 

ORTO, formerly known as Bottle Tree Park, is the largest and arguably most well-known prawning place in Singapore. Firstly, it boasts a vast area of prawning ponds that can accommodate a large number of prawn anglers, making it perfect for group activities and events. Additionally, ORTO offers a range of other recreational activities, including fishing, longkang fishing, and a variety of outdoor games, making it an ideal location for families and groups of friends looking for a fun day out.

P.S. ORTO’s unfortunately closing down soon, so better get your full prawning experience here before it’s too late!

2. Ah Hua Fishing

Ah Hua Fishing - Prawning Singapore

Source: Prawning at Ah Hua Fishing via Facebook – Prawning Singapore

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Website: https://ah-hua-fishing.business.site/ 

Address: 125 Pasir Ris Rd, Singapore 519121

Operating Hours: Open 24 Hours

The secluded location of Ah Hua Fishing allows for a serene and picturesque environment that allows prawn anglers to relax and enjoy the peaceful surroundings while waiting for their catch. The prawning ponds at Ah Hua Fishing provide an exciting and challenging prawning experience for enthusiasts. Furthermore, Ah Hua Fishing provides a wide range of other recreational activities such as fishing, crabbing and even hand-feeding koi using milk bottles, making it an ideal location for families and groups of friends looking for a fun day out.

3. Hai Bin Prawning

Hai Bin Prawning - Prawning Singapore

Source: Hai Bin Punggol via Facebook – Prawning Singapore

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Website: https://www.haibin.com.sg/ 

Address: 6 Tebing Ln, Singapore 828835

Operating Hours: Open 24 Hours

Hai Bin offers a spacious and comfortable environment, with a range of prawning ponds that cater to different preferences and skill levels. Additionally, Hai Bin provides an all-inclusive prawning package that includes all the necessary equipment, bait, and a cooking station for anglers to prepare their catch! While you are there, why not try some of the other recreational activities offered at Hai Bin such as fishing, BBQ and cycling? It’s an ideal location for family outings and group events!

4. D’Best Fishing

D'Best Fishing - Prawning Singapore

Source: D’Best Fishing via Facebook – Prawning Singapore

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Website: https://dbestfishing.com.sg/ 

Address: 90 Pasir Ris Central, Singapore 519635

Operating Hours: Open 24 Hours

D’Best Fishing @ Pasir Ris Town Park might just be the perfect spot for prawning and fishing enthusiasts. With the only fresh-water fishing pond in Singapore, Pasir Ris Town Park promises an unforgettable fishing experience. Even during busy weekends, the park’s spacious facility ensures that there’s plenty of room for everyone. Divided into two ponds – Pasir Ris Main Pond and Pro Pond – prawn and fish enthusiasts alike are guaranteed a bountiful catch of the best quality. Don’t miss out on the chance to create new memories at D’Best Fishing!

5. ATC Fishing Village

ATC Fishing Village - Prawning Singapore

Source: ATC Fishing Village via Facebook – Prawning Singapore

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Address: 241 Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim, Singapore 629143

Operating Hours: Open 24 Hours

ATC Fishing Village is a hidden gem tucked away in the eastern part of Singapore. With an offering of over 30 ponds available for prawning and top-notch facilities, visitors are spoiled for choice. ATC Fishing Village boasts clean, well-maintained ponds, comfortable seating areas, and friendly, knowledgeable staff! What’s more, ATC Fishing village offers a wide range of seafood dishes cooked to order, providing the perfect end to a satisfying day of prawning!

6. Fun@Fish

Fun@Fish - Prawning Singapore

Source: FISH @BUGIS+ via Facebook – Prawning Singapore

Facebook: Visit Here

Website: https://www.funatfish.com/ 

Address: Locations

Operating Hours: Mon-Sun, 9am-6pm

Situated in the heart of the city, Fun@Fish is easily accessible to both locals and tourists. The ponds are stocked with a variety of prawn species, including tiger prawns and yabbies, providing an exciting and diverse prawning experience. The facilities are clean and well-maintained, with comfortable seating areas and friendly staff on hand to assist visitors. To add an extra element of excitement, the prawns are marked with different colours, each corresponding to a special incentive or prize. With a variety of exciting rewards on offer, you’re sure to be hooked on this thrilling prawning experience!

7. Riviera Prawn Fishing

Riviera Prawn Fishing - Prawning Singapore

Source: Riviera Prawning via Facebook – Prawning Singapore

Facebook: Visit Here

Address: 60 Punggol E, Singapore 828825

Operating Hours: Open 24 Hours

Looking for a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of city life? Look no further than Riviera Prawning, a 24/7 prawning facility nestled next to Punggol Golf Course in Singapore’s northeast. Visitors can grab refreshments from the on-site store to keep their energy levels up while they reel in the catch of the day. But that’s not all! Riviera Prawning offers an extra incentive with their tagged prawns. Each one of these special prawns could win you $10! It’s the perfect way to add an exciting twist to your prawning experience.

8. Prawn @ Aranda

Prawn @ Aranda - Prawning Singapore

Source: Prawn at Aranda via Facebook – Prawning Singapore

Facebook: Visit Here

Website: https://prawn-aranda.business.site/ 

Address: 60 Pasir Ris Drive 3, Singapore 519497

Operating Hours: Open 24 Hours

Get ready to level up your prawning game at this popular self-service spot! Whether you’re a seasoned prawning enthusiast or a newbie looking to improve your skills, Prawn @ Aranda has got you covered. Not only can you catch your own prawns, but you can also grill them up on-site for free – perfect for those who love a freshly cooked meal. Plus, with free Wi-Fi, you can look up new recipes and cooking tips to make your prawning experience even more exciting!


Are you ready to catch some of the freshest and tastiest prawns you’ve ever had? With a plethora of top-notch prawning places, each with their own unique charms,  there’s something for everyone in our vibrant city-state! So whether you’re a seasoned angler or a beginner looking to try your hand at prawning for the first time, grab your friends and head out to one of these amazing prawning places! 

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• Written by Jeremy Ugon

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