Retail: Why You Need An Online Store

In a survey done in 2019, it was revealed that 3.59 million Singaporeans have purchased a product or service online. It is safe to say that Singaporeans have embraced online shopping. As a retailer, starting an online store is slowly becoming more vital to a business success.

5 Things To Look For In A Retail Employee

Retail is a fast-paced and unforgiving industry with high turnover rates. Looking for a great employee can be challenging as the process of training and development of an employee takes time and effort. Here are some ways that you can consider when hiring a retail employee. 

COVID-19: Retail Shut Down Checklist

As of today, all non-essential retail stores have been shut down from April 7 to May 4 this year. This is due to the government’s “circuit breaker” measure. If you’re one of those affected, it is important to make sure you have locked up the stores properly. You should also take certain precautionary measures so that it’ll be easier to reopen once the lockdown is lifted.

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