How to Celebrate St Patrick’s Day in Singapore 2022

happy st patrick's day

Put on your best green hats and shamrock socks, it’s time to celebrate St Patrick’s Day! Time to gather in the local pubs, down the Guinness, and have a grand time with friends! While this year is still a little different from the usual boisterous parties of the past, you can still have a pretty good time. How? Well, here’s how you can celebrate St Patrick’s Day in Singapore this 2022!

12 Best Spas in Singapore For Absolute Pampering

In these emotionally draining, stressful times, sometimes all we need is a little rest and relaxation, a little bit of TLC. It’s okay to indulge in self-care and a bit of pampering once in a while. So release those tense shoulders, stiff neck and aching muscles with a trip to the best spas in Singapore.

11 Best Nail Salons in Singapore To Get Gorgeous Mani-Pedis

Are you stressed out or overworked? Or just want a refreshing change? Nails can be a huge part of your style and aesthetic. They’re a focal point of your hands and feet and when done up, can be both pretty and professional! So what’s a better way to feel good about yourself than pampering yourself with a mani-pedi? Let those tired feet and hands soak and come away feeling refreshed with gorgeous nails!

8 Best Places to Buy Fish Tanks in Singapore

fish tanks singapore

Are you starting your fishkeeping journey or are you a fish aficionado? Do you need to know where you can find aquariums and fish tanks in Singapore? Well, either way, keeping fish isn’t actually as easy as most people think. There’s a lot that goes into keeping them healthy, alive and living their best life in an environment that suits them.
And just when you think you know it all, boom! There’s always something new that you can learn about keeping fish as pets.

10 Fun Outdoor Activities in Singapore With Kids

outdoor activities singapore

There’s nothing better than stepping outside your home into the outdoors and breathing that fresh air. And what’s better than spending that quality time with your family? Everyone needs some sunshine (get that essential Vitamin D!), exercise and maybe a little bit of adrenaline to get that blood pumping.

7 Pet Grooming Salons in Singapore Your Pet Should Visit

pet grooming singapore

Grooming is essential for pet welfare. It’s not just about being clean, but grooming helps keep your pet’s skin and fur healthy. Generally, long-haired pets need grooming every 4-6 weeks to prevent matting, but short-haired pets can go a little longer at about 8-12 weeks. So just as we relax with haircuts, mani-pedis and spa treatments, give your pet some pampering too! From baths, haircuts and fur treatments to nail cutting (me-oww, those claws are sharp!), your little furry friend deserves the best of the best.

10 Best Cafes in Singapore for IG-Worthy Food

best cafes in singapore

It’s pretty easy to find cafes in Singapore with them being a dime a dozen. But, after scrolling through friends and influencers’ Instagram posts after visiting stunning cafes, sometimes we want more than just a basic coffee and cake. So for those of you looking for that little extra something something with your coffee, we’ve got you covered!

15 Valentine’s Day Ideas For A Day You’ll Never Forget

valentine's day ideas

Valentine’s Day is coming up soon and it’s time to start planning what you’ll be doing. No pressure, remember that Valentine’s Day is about celebrating the love between you and your partner. The most important part of the day is spending quality time with each other.

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