4 Simple Point of Sale Troubleshooting Tips

POS System Troubleshooting Tips

Picture this, it’s peak hour and your shop is packed with long, snaking lines of people. All of a sudden, your POS system stops working and you have no idea why. To prevent this from happening, here’s 4 simple troubleshooting tips for you that would allow you to anticipate and overcome common issues and pitfalls of a POS system.

8 Best Thai Restaurants in Singapore

Thai Restaurant Singapore Cover Image

Who doesn’t love Thailand? From delicious food and amazing culture to stunningly beautiful landscapes, Thailand is one of those places that Singaporeans would flock to anytime of the year. But if you’re not traveling to Thailand anytime soon and still want a taste of authentic Thai cuisine? Our little island city doesn’t disappoint! Visit any of these 8 best Thai Restaurants in Singapore to have your Thai cravings satisfied!

Pop Culture Marketing: Why & How You Need to Harness its Power

Pop Culture Marketing Cover Image

The average attention span in 2015 was said to be 8.25 seconds (Wyzowl), that’s even shorter than a goldfish! And I’m betting that it’s even lower than that now. So that means, dear marketers and business owners, that our marketing strategies need to be more effective; we need to be really creative when it comes to holding people’s attention. And what holds people’s attention nowadays better than the consumption of media and pop culture?

15 Best Shops to Buy Christmas Gifts in Singapore

Best Shops to Buy Christmas Gifts Singapore

It’s that time of year again when everything gets a little crazy and Christmassy! But it turns out that getting the perfect Christmas gift can be surprisingly challenging. There’s so much to think about, such as what they would like, budget and where to even go to find a present.

8 Best Bicycle Rentals in Singapore

Bike Rental Singapore Cover Image

It’s time to get outdoors and hit the roads! Whether you’re leisurely coasting along, taking a tour of Singapore’s amazing sights or tackling the toughest cycling trails, biking around can be an amazing outdoor activity. And you don’t even have to own a bike! There are several bike rental shops all around the island that’ll help you find the best rental bike for you and your next adventure!

3 Ways to Grow Your F&B Business for FREE

Grow Your F&B Business for FREE Cover Image - Restaurant Sales

With the abundance of F&B options available, people no longer have a lack of choices when it comes to dining out. And with that competition comes not only the challenge of starting up and running a business, but also growing it. It’s become even more essential for businesses to increase their customer base and overall restaurant sales.

7 Best Childcare Centres in Singapore

Childcare Centre Singapore Cover Image

A child’s early years are crucial for developing a sturdy foundation for their future. They need careful guidance, teaching and exposure to stimuli that will help their growth. And when other responsibilities call and you can’t be there as a parent, childcare is one option for you to choose.

6 Retail Sales Tips & Techniques to Boost Your Revenue

Retail Sales Tips Cover Image

Sales. Something that is constantly on the minds of every retailer and salesperson. How can you increase customer foot traffic, sales and consequently, revenue? And after getting people to walk into your retail store, how do you make sure you get retail sales?

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