Quick Guide to Inventory Reports for Retailers

Without a doubt one discipline that all retail owners have to master is inventory management. Proper inventory management will prevent “out of stock” situations, help you to identify performing products and even deter or prevent theft of stock. A huge part of an excellent inventory management system is your inventory report. In this article we […]

3 Lessons Retailers Can Learn From the Coronavirus Outbreak

Singapore retailers and F&B businesses have been feeling the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak ever since Singapore raised its DORSCON alert to Orange. With a lack of positive news so far, it is a tough situation to be in if you’re a business owner. But adversity also provides the opportunity to learn. Here are three […]

Budget 2020: 3 Key Takeaways For Retailers

Many Singaporeans are celebrating their $300 “ang pao” after yesterday’s Budget 2020 speech. However, for local retailers there are even more reasons to be happy. Below are three important takeaways from the 2020 budget statement if you’re a retail owner. 1. Develop Your Employees With the aim of growing Singapore’s economy and creating opportunities for […]

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