6 Retail Sales Tips & Techniques to Boost Your Revenue

Retail Sales Tips Cover Image

Sales. Something that is constantly on the minds of every retailer and salesperson. How can you increase customer foot traffic, sales and consequently, revenue? And after getting people to walk into your retail store, how do you make sure you get retail sales?

11 Best Afternoon High Tea Places in Singapore

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What’s a better way to while away an afternoon than having high tea? Indulge in luxury, embrace the posh lifestyle for a day, and savour gorgeously made fresh tea with a side of savoury snacks and sweet treats. And so if you’re looking for a perfect high tea in Singapore, these 11 best places provide the perfect ambience, menus and environment so you can live out your posh dreams.

5 Myths about Point of Sale Systems Debunked

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With the transition from cash to card-based or digital transactions, it’s essential for payment solutions to advance. But there came some misconceptions that have incited hesitancy or even fear about adopting a POS system. Don’t worry, we’ve busted 5 common myths you may have thought about POS systems that are totally wrong!

6 Best Sock Shops in Singapore for the Best Socks to Complete Your #OOTD

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Nothing says more about you than your socks so why not explore what a top-notch sock shop in Singapore can offer you? A good pair of socks can pull a whole outfit together and depending on the type of shoe, you definitely have to choose the right one. These shops offer you stylish basics, colourful designs, quirky patterns and of course, cute messages, so no matter what you’re looking for, you’re bound to find it right here.

10 Tips To Build a Strong Community for Your Business

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Brand loyalty plays a crucial role in customer retention, and so creating a community of like-minded people who are loyal to your business shouldn’t be an afterthought. When you first start to build your community, you’ll need to think of some strategies that work with your brand and audience. Here are 10 ideas that you can implement!

11 Best Pottery Classes in Singapore to Break the Mould

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Few things are as therapeutic as pottery so get in touch with your creative mind with some classes. While it takes a lot of skill, time and effort to learn how to shape the clay, that’s what taking a pottery class in Singapore is all about. So when you’re done exploring the outdoors and snacking on delicious bakes, now’s the time to give pottery a try!

Empowering SMEs with IMDA’s AI Technology & Data Analytics

Empowering SMEs with IMDA's AI Technology and Data Analytics

The digital revolution is upon us and data seems to be the way of the future. With Singapore’s goals aligned with a digital future of being a tech-driven Smart Nation, there must be a paradigm shift towards data-driven technologies. It is, therefore, essential for SMEs to adopt these technologies to sustain their businesses and competitive edge. As such, providing SMEs with easy access is a must for a digital economy.

Rethinking the 5Ps with POS Data Analytics

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The 5Ps of marketing – Product, People, Place, Price and Promotion – are somewhat controllable areas of decision making that are essential for any business. While they are based on your internal and external business environments, Point-of-Sale (POS) data analytics are significantly useful in rethinking how you should approach them.

10 Best Costume Shops in Singapore for a Spooktacular Halloween

Friends in Halloween Costumes - Costume Shop Singapore

Boo! It’s that time of year again where you can dress up as anything and anyone you want to. Of course, cosplay and themed parties are always the bomb – no judgment here – so if you’re looking for that perfect costume, you’re in the right place. Your search for a costume shop in Singapore that’ll fit your needs is over!

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