How To Host a Successful Live Shopping Experience

Successful Live Shopping Session Cover Image

A live shopping session is much more than just a sales pitch or even a video. There is no editing and if people aren’t entertained or find value in your livestream, they will click off. It’s as easy as pressing one button. So how can you make sure you gain an attentive audience, entertain them and also sell your products?

8 Best Places to Get Your Last-Minute Mooncake Fix in Singapore

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Are you someone who LOVES mooncakes but just don’t have the time to visit one of those overly crowded mooncake fairs or atrium sales for your mooncake fix? Well, life can get pretty busy and we totally understand that. Forget all the crowds and early bird promotions and instead, go get your cravings satisfied and start your last-minute mooncake shopping at these 8 places!

Prevent Fraud With These 4 Cash Security Point of Sale System Features

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57% of fraud cases are employee-related and 22% of small business owners claim that employees have stolen from them. Yet less than 30% of businesses have implemented technology to detect and prevent internal theft. These POS system security features can help you prevent theft and cash security issues.

Live Shopping Basics: Everything You Need to Know

Live Shopping Basics - Live Shopping

Have you ever bought anything online? Scrolling through an eCommerce website, adding items to your cart and checking out is very convenient, but gets dreary once in a while. Well, now it’s time to take online shopping to a whole new level with live shopping.

4 Types of Auditing Your POS System Can Do to Protect Your Business

Types of Auditing Your Point of Sale System Can Do

Audits are crucial for your business. But why? Auditing has several benefits, for both small and large businesses. When you conduct audits, you can analyse your business’ performance – both successes and losses – as well as monitor your employees, identify the efficiency of your inventory management, and also protect your business from fraud or theft.

9 Best Rock Climbing and Bouldering Gyms in Singapore

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Tired of lifting weights at the gym? Workout your muscles rock climbing in Singapore instead! It’s time to unleash your inner Spiderman, conquer your fear of heights, and build body strength and stamina – just don’t look down! From tall climbing walls to shorter bouldering walls, exciting puzzles and routes to challenge your mind and physical abilities, these rock climbing and bouldering gyms are a gateway to a thrilling sport!

What Is Buy Now, Pay Later and How Does It Work?

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Buy now, pay later (BNPL), in simple terms, is a way for customers to immediately buy a product but pay in instalments with seemingly no hidden fees. They are usually a payment option offered just like credit cards, cash or other payment methods. And while these services are usually offered online, some in-store businesses may also offer BNPL payment options.

10 Best Korean BBQ in Singapore

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Nothing beats the experience of catching up with your friends over a grill of sizzling hot barbeque meat on a rainy day! In Singapore, Korean BBQ is one of the first things that comes to mind when thinking of BBQ restaurants. With so many Korean BBQ restaurants to choose from, it oftens becomes a headache just to choose the best option to satisfy your Korean food cravings.

Worry no more because you’re at the right place! Here’s our recommendations on the best Korean BBQ in Singapore for you and your friends to visit during your next gathering!

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