Digitalisation has taken the world by storm, causing a paradigm shift. This accelerates the need for humans to adapt and switch from cash to cashless payment. Such transactions have been on the rise recently. There has been a surge in the number of people relying on credit cards to make payments. On the other hand, some business owners have adopted various payments methods like QR code payment or even credit payments.

When digitalisation was first introduced, many were hesitant to embrace new technology, afraid of the risks it posed. However, as Singapore progresses towards being a Smart Nation, the benefits of tech adoption have become much more apparent. The convenience and efficiency of adopting cashless payments are the main driving forces of the switch to cashless payment. Contrary to popular belief, adopting cashless payments are much safer than collecting physical cash as it minimises theft and miscalculations.

While some may wish to welcome technology with open arms, there may be constraints for them to do so. Business owners who have been so used to their old operational ways may find it a hassle to make a switch to streamline their business operations. With a Point Of Sale (POS) system, businesses can easily replace their cash register with a single machine that can help them generate sales reports to better manage their stores. A POS can also help business owners accept multiple payment modes, making it much more convenient for customers to make their purchases as most people may not bring around large wads of cash and would not have to take the trouble to withdraw money at the nearest ATM.

Why go cashless?

Digitalization has created an abundance of opportunities for SMEs, allowing them to no longer be shadowed by larger companies. Adopting a POS system will allow SMEs to thrive in this technological age. This gives them a competitive edge to evolve and elevate their businesses to greater heights.

It is without a doubt that switching from cash to cashless payment has greatly increased the efficiency of businesses. Even though technological solutions may not be obtained at a low price, they help to reduce costs in the long run. The adoption of technological solutions can help pursue efficacy while cutting on manpower, thus increasing productivity and minimising wastage of resources. With that said, technological solutions also increase the speed of business operations, allowing more operations to be carried out at the same time.

Moreover, the switch also increases the safety of business operations, helping to lower the crime rate by preventing internal theft. In fact, one of our EPOS clients in the minimart industry shared with us how our POS system has helped them uncover the truth that their cashier had been pocketing over $8,000! Luckily, they were able to use records provided by our EPOS system to make an insurance claim to recover their loss!

Why the reluctance to switch?

Since technology offers more convenience and efficiency, the pertinent question is why some people are still unwilling to tap on technology and make the shift to cashless payment.

There are numerous people who refuse to or are unable to keep up with technological advancements. People often find it troublesome to set up a new system in place of their cash registers as takes time and is costly. Furthermore, people may find it bothersome to learn how to operate the system. They would rather stick to the conventional, traditional method of using a cash register. At EPOS, our team provides free training and consultation and our technicians are available from 9am to 11pm every day.

Opponents of the switch pin the blame on technology for over splurging. Some claim to spend more when they cannot see physical cash and thus are unable to fully rationalise their purchases at times. While this may be true, all it takes to curb this problem is proper monetary planning and thinking carefully before making any purchases. Compulsive spenders should not blame technology for a persistent and ongoing problem due to their fallacious practices.

How to make the shift?

In spite of the limitations of going cashless, the benefits certainly make up for it. They allow businesses to have more opportunities, as well as operate more efficiently and with tighter security. To make the switch, business owners need to have a clear understanding of their goals and have adequate planning. Here at EPOS, we offer free consultation for business owners so that they can make more informed decisions.

So, the real issue here is not whether businesses should make the switch, but rather, how? Some may be worried about the exorbitant price of digital solutions. However, at EPOS, there are multiple grants to help offset the cost of a POS system, making it very affordable! Moreover, the less technologically inclined may be worried about the complexities of using digital solutions. Fret not, our EPOS team provides free training upon installation of a POS system and all year round tech support!

At EPOS, our POS machine accepts various payment modes which include credit card payments, QR code payments and much more! Our system can provide features such as the generation of sales reports and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) that cash registers do not provide, thus allowing you to streamline your business operation with a single POS system. Looking to bring your business up to the next level? Contact EPOS today at 8482 1888 or drop us an email at [email protected]

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