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About The Village By CCL

The Village By CCL was established during the circuit breaker period when the COVID-19 pandemic struck last year, in 2020. The founders of CCL realized there were long queues at supermarkets where people had difficulties accessing necessities such as vegetables. Thus, it spurred them to start an online platform to bring fresh and affordable vegetables to their customers with greater convenience.

However, after the circuit breaker, it dawned upon CCL that many customers still prefer the experience of shopping. Hence, the founders decided on a complimentary online and offline approach and started opening stores around our heartland.

Why is The Village By CCL special?

Considering the nature of an online business, products offered by The Village By CCL are actually rather affordable. Frequenters of online shopping are well aware of the minimum order to meet in order to enjoy free delivery. Considering the small family sizes in Singapore, The Village By CCL thus decided to keep the minimum order very low, at a rate of $10 for customers to enjoy free delivery the very next day. The Village By CCL also replenishes all vegetables on a daily basis and no vegetables are kept overnight.

Difficulties Faced by The Village By CCL

CCL also pointed out that manpower and training have always been prevalent issues for most SMEs. They also mentioned that finding a suitable location is challenging yet crucial, especially for retailers as picking a suitable heartland location allows them to reach out to customers that they always wanted to.


After checking with a few other POS providers, The Village By CCL then decided on EPOS as they agreed that the system is user-friendly. CCL described the interface as very simple with pictures and the POS also provides a search function. Additionally, they also mentioned how a lot of their employees tend to be slightly older and not very tech-savvy so embracing the POS system would indeed be good news for everyone.

CCL also highly recommends our EPOS system as they feel that it gives a strong overview for business owners to monitor daily operations. They also elaborated that the POS collects data and helps business owners make informed decisions on which products they should stock up more on. Lastly, they also mentioned that they believe that the system helps business owners formulate a long term plan on how they wish to operate their retail business.

How EPOS Can Help You?

At EPOS, we aim to help businesses leverage technology to increase efficiency and grow profits with our all-in-one POS system. Our POS system offers a multitude of features including inventory management, CRM, accounting and e-commerce integration and much more. In addition, our system caters to a variety of industries including retail, F&B, minimarts and much more.

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