Bill Gates was once quoted saying “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.”. A company’s very ethos, especially customer-facing ones, should be of striving to meet the customers’ every need. Customer Service teams serve as the backbone of every company because, without the customers, there is no company. PR and customer reviews are crucial in kickstarting a business’ fortunes and hence is the most sought-after aspect.

In today’s day and age where technology is ubiquitous and advancement is a desideratum, it is all the more vital to maintain customer service at a prime. The face to face connection was and will always be an important part of customer service. Hence, what is required is a nice, delicate blend between technology and the traditional human connection. However, why exactly is customer service important and how does it help your business? In this article, I will be covering 3 main reasons, namely business profitability, brand loyalty & awareness and opportunities & partnerships.

1. Business Profitability

First and foremost, the most obvious point, business profitability. It’s no secret that every business’ main pursuit is profitability and thus, customer service could be the greatest driving force.

Recently, Hubspot conducted a survey that found customers who received phenomenal customer service were more likely to spend more than those who didn’t. In fact, those who don’t are highly likely to leave without making a single purchase. Thus, it would be a lie to say that customer service does not directly impact profits in a business.

2. Brand Loyalty & Awareness

Next up we have brand loyalty & awareness which is often touted as the biggest aspect of customer service. It is noteworthy that customer retention is cheaper and more profitable than customer acquisition. However, if you have the means to actively pursue both, it would be sublime!

It is a human tendency to want to be treated well. Hence, a good customer experience will equate to frequent visits and higher spending from the same customer. Specifically, for the F&B industry, if you are served with good food and service, you are highly likely to frequent that location often. On that note, you would also be highly enticed to recommend friends, family or associates to that place if you find that everyone can benefit from it.

This is a surefire way to boost your revenue due to increased client spending and free advertisement which increases the outreach of your company. This would lead to customer growth which then enables you to expand your company at a rapid rate due to a steady flow of revenue. 

3. Opportunities & Partnerships

Lastly, opportunities & partnerships. Remarkable customer service indirectly correlates to increased opportunities and partnerships. If a business owner sees that you take customer service seriously and that it was easy interacting with the staff, he/she is likely to have a good impression of your company as a whole and may want to collaborate or work with you in the future.

Such partnerships are great networking opportunities that can help you to grow your business and at the same time meet potential associates that can alert you when opportunities arise. This could also prove to be rather profitable for your company.


In summary, I can’t emphasise enough how important customer service is to any organization. Companies often drive home the point on exemplary customer service and why it is so vital. Why? 3 of the many reasons were briefly covered in this article. Customer service and PR are some of the very sparse ways for a customer to judge a company. It is like a tool which if used correctly, could bring you imminent gains. However, if not utilised correctly, could be a weapon of mass destruction. As the common adage goes, “The customer is always right.”. While it could bring about sour experiences, following it would unlock endless benefits for your business.

How can EPOS help you?

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