In the shift details, users are able to retrieve information such as

● Start & end date/time of the shift

● Staff who started and ended the shift

● Number of times the cash drawer is opened manually

● Cash management history log and transactions processed during the shift


(A) Overview

1. Export

Allow users to extract the shift details in CSV format.


2. Shift Details

Shows the start & end date/ time of the shift, staff who started and ended the shift, and number of times the cash drawer was opened manually.

💡 Shift Report will be sorted by the newest shift started.


3. Cash Management Log

Shows the total cash in/ out of the shift. Shows the cash management log in detail based on chronological order.


(B) Transactions

1. Search and Filter

Allow users to generate a list of order transactions based on specific order number and customer name. Click on Apply Filter to generate a report.


2. Transaction Details

Shows the transaction date and time, order number, customer name, staff/cashier, outlet, payment method, amount and status (Completed/ Refund/ Void).


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