QR/Web Ordering App

Release Changes

Sep 2023: Added the option to auto-merge order for QR/Web orders (see auto-merge)


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This auto-merge feature ensures that multiple orders made by the same table and customer are automatically merged into one single order on the POS.

💡 This is a configurable feature. To enable/disable this feature, refer to Web App Store Configurations (see point 4).


These are the criteria to fulfil for auto-merging to be applied to multiple QR/WebApp orders:
    1. Order type: Orders must be “Dine-In” orders
    2. Tables Tagged to the Order: Multiple orders are sent from the same table
    3. Customers Tagged to the Order: Multiple orders are sent from one single customer (based on contact number) OR ALL orders are sent by guest logins (if not signed in)
    4. Order payment method: Orders must be ‘Pay at cashier’


Video Tutorial (When auto-merge feature is enabled)