To access the web app store configurations page,

Go to “EPOS Apps” tab

2. Go to “Kiosk & Web Ordering”

Go to the “Stores” page

Click on the gear icon

Select “Edit Config”


1. User can open or temporarily close the web ordering app store

User can choose from the following preset time range to close the web ordering app store


2. User can edit the web ordering app store operating hours

User can create up to 2 sets of operating hours


3. User can edit Payment Configurations

To edit the In-App Payments, user can refer to Add Payment Option to Web Ordering App Store


4. User can edit other configurations by changing the toggle status ON/OFF


5. User can edit the store banner image, and default product/category thumbnail image


6. User can view the status of AI recommendation, and configure the manual recommendations, by adding products 

To add products to manual recommendation, turn ON the toggle

Click on “Add Product Variants”

Select the respective products

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