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A child’s early years are crucial for developing a sturdy foundation for their future. They need careful guidance, teaching and exposure to stimuli that will help their growth. And when other responsibilities call and you can’t be there as a parent, childcare is one option for you to choose.

We all want what’s best for our children, and finding the right childcare centre for them is essential. There are several things to consider such as location, fees, curriculum, staff experience and trustworthiness as well as operating hours. So when you’re carefully considering your options, why not take a look at these top 7 childcare centres in Singapore?

Best Childcare Centres in Singapore

1. MindChamps

MindChamps - Childcare Singapore

Source: MindChamps via website – Childcare Singapore

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Website: https://www.mindchamps.org/

Address: Locations

Operating Hours: Mon-Fri, 9am-6:30pm | Sat-Sun, 8am-7:30pm

With infant care for ages 2-18 months and pre-school for kids aged 18 months to 6 years, MindChamps’ well-rounded childcare programmes make sure your child has a shining start in life. Their S.M.I.L.E.S.™ and 3-Mind Approach helps children develop their Champion, Learning and Creative Minds. Your kids will enter a stimulating environment that meets their developmental needs and lets them discover their full potential!

2. My First Skool

My First Skool - Childcare Singapore

Source: My First Skool via website – Childcare Singapore

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Website: https://www.myfirstskool.com/

Address: Locations

My First Skool offers infant care and childcare programmes for infants as young as 2 months old to children aged 4 years old. Their holistic learning philosophies aim to empower children to be curious, thoughtful and active learners. Powered by over 40 years of child development experience, My First Skool equips children with the right skills and mindset to let them thrive! Plus, enrolled children are guaranteed a spot at partnered MOE Kindergartens, so you kids can continue their schooling with My First Skool!

3. Tots & Teddies

Tots and Teddies - Childcare Singapore

Source: Tots & Teddies via website – Childcare Singapore

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Website: https://tots-and-teddies.com/

Address: 62 Cecil Street, Singapore 049710

Operating Hours: Mon-Fri, 7am-7pm

Let your tots experience high quality childcare when you can’t be there! With small class sizes, a low teach-student ratio, quality enrichment programmes, and even educational field trips, this daycare centre has got it all! Tots & Teddies makes sure your children are stimulated just the right amount – no more, no less – and feel comforted, understood and protected throughout. They even have in-house chefs to produce a menu approved by a Paediatric Nutritionist, ensuring every child is properly given nutritious food to help their development!

4. Cherie Hearts

Cherie Hearts - Childcare Singapore

Source: Cherie Hearts via website – Childcare Singapore

Facebook: Visit Here

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Website: https://www.cheriehearts.com.sg/

Address: Locations

Operating Hours: Mon-Fri, 7am-8pm | Sat, 7am-2pm

Strongly believing in their multi-literacies curriculum, Cherie Hearts encourages holistic development and a joy for learning. With infant care, playgroups, nursery and kindergarten programmes, your children will experience stimulating activities well-suited for child development. Not to mention, their in-house SPIRAL Literacies pedagogy equips kids with lifelong skills! 

Want your children to experience more areas of interest? Cherie Hearts also offers afternoon enrichment programmes for sports, science and maths, and the arts! And, subject to availability, they also offer Emergency Care Services for short periods of time, for children aged 2 months to 12 years old.

5. Mulberry Learning Centre

Mulberry Learning Centre - Childcare Singapore

Source: Mulberry Learning Centre via website – Childcare Singapore

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Website: https://mulberrylearning.com/

Address: Locations

At Mulberry Learning Centre, they cultivate a fun, safe and nurturing environment to promote learning and development for your child. Thoughtfully-curated spaces provide a thriving environment to stimulate the senses, while a curated curriculum is created to specifically address the learning needs of each age group. And small child-teacher ratios mean more attention given to your kid! What’s more, at Mulberry, the indoors and outdoors are seamlessly connected, being a part of the learning experience. This leading childcare centre in Singapore is ready to nurture your child’s creativity, skills and mindsets for their future!

6. Pat’s Schoolhouse

Pat's Schoolhouse - Childcare Singapore

Source: Pat’s Schoolhouse via website – Childcare Singapore

Facebook: Visit Here

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Website: https://patschoolhouse.com/

Address: Locations

Operating Hours: Mon-Fri, 7am-7pm | Sat, 7am-2pm

Immersive experiences and play as a teaching method are emphasised at Pat’s Schoolhouse where every child is nurtured to their fullest potential. Their approach to childcare in Singapore varies for each growth stage, taking into account each child’s different abilities and needs. Inquiry-embedded play, music-integrated activities and a cohesive bilingual environment? Yes, please! Your kids will be exposed to fun learning methods that’ll stimulate and develop their growing minds and bodies.

Need a trial? You and your kids can try their complimentary activity kits to get a feel of Pat’s Schoolhouse. It’s no wonder this childcare centre is one of the best in Singapore!

7. Mahota Preschool

Mahota Preschool - Childcare Singapore

Source: Mahota Preschool via website – Childcare Singapore

Facebook: Visit Here

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Website: https://mahotaeducation.sg/

Address: 808 French Road, Singapore 200808

Operating Hours: Mon-Fri, 7am-7pm

Looking for a childcare centre with a different approach to learning? Sustainability is a big deal nowadays, so why not start teaching your kids about Mother Nature early in life?  Mahota Preschool’s nature-inspired pedagogy embraces nature’s diversity and richness, stimulating every child’s mind, body and spirit. Your child will develop eco-literacy through enjoyable hands-on experiences like nature walks, projects, farming, field trips and nutritious meals!

But don’t think that’s all Mahota Preschool has to offer! Through various types of learning, they ensure your child’s development and early education is purposeful, enriching and fulfilling.


Considering childcare for your little one is never an easy decision and you need to make an informed one. Most of these childcare centres cater to infants and kids aged 2 months to 6-7 years old, so you know your young children are well taken care of during the day! We hope you consider these best childcare centres when choosing a suitable option for your child!

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• Written by Adrija Chakravarti

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