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There’s a saying that goes “a key to one’s heart is through their stomach.“ This is especially true to Singaporeans as food has always been a heated conversation topic. There is even an ongoing debate in Singapore regarding which side has better food, East side or West side? (Well, don’t worry, we are not here to add fire to the oil haha) However, this truly shows us how important food matters to Singaporeans. We also know how much Singaporeans LOVE Japan and its culture. So what do we get when we combine the two things that Singaporeans love? We get the best Japanese restaurants and buffets in Singapore.

With that said, we have talked about the best Japanese restaurants in Singapore before (go check it out!). Today, we will be diving into the other aspect – 14 Best Japanese Buffets in Singapore!

Key Consideration Factors

Before you jump right in and begin exploring the best Japanese buffets Singapore has to offer, here are some helpful things to consider for the best buffet experience!

  • Location: For easy access and reduced commuting duration, ensure that the restaurant is within your area or conveniently located.
  • Availability: Make sure that your restaurant of choice is readily available and accessible to you. Check their operating hours and availability on specific dates. It is recommended to make reservations or bookings in advance if necessary to avoid disappointment.
  • Cost: Make sure that your restaurant of choice charges a reasonable fee for their services and is within your budget for a great dining experience. 
  • Quality: Research on the quality and variety of food and beverages served by the buffet and read online reviews and testimonials, if available.
  • Style: For the best dining experience, you should ensure that the atmosphere of the restaurant is suitable and the personnel are welcoming, professional and helpful.

Best Japanese Buffets in Singapore

1. Ikoi Japanese Restaurant

Ikoi Japanese Restaurant - Japanese Buffet Singapore

Source: Hotel Miramar Singapore via Tripadvisor – Japanese Buffet Singapore

Facebook: Visit Here

Instagram: Visit Here

Address: 401 Havelock Road, Singapore 169631

Operating Hours: Tue-Sun, 11:30am-2:30pm | 6pm-10:45pm

Kicking off the list, we’ve got Ikoi Japanese Restaurant! Craving for Japanese food after a long day of shopping in town? Head over to Ikoi Japanese Restaurant hidden at Hotel Miramar Singapore, located just 6 stops away from Orchard Station. Ikoi Japanese Restaurant a la carte buffet (S$50 ++) specialises in providing fresh, juicy, thick cut sashimi – salmon, tuna, yellowtail fish and many more. Alongside the sashimi, Ikoi also provides an extensive menu with more than 100 other Japanese cuisines options like nigiri sushi, maki sushi, grilled dishes, etc. Hurry down and head down to Ikoi Japanese Restaurant to experience authentic Japanese food in Singapore. 

Customer Testimonial

“Great Japanese buffet restaurant!

Ikoi is one of the oldest Japanese buffet restaurants around. Food is alway fresh and good. Really good value! Staff have been there for a long time too. If you intend to eat there a reservation is a must. Highly recommend!”

– kimlockpang

2. Kiseki Japanese Buffet Restaurant

Kiseki Japanese Buffet Restaurant - Japanese Buffet Singapore

Source: Kiseki Japanese Buffet Restaurant via website – Japanese Buffet Singapore

Facebook: Visit Here

Instagram: Visit Here

Website: https://www.kisekirestaurant.com.sg/ 

Address: 181 Orchard Road, Singapore 238896

Operating Hours: Daily, 11:30am-3pm | 6pm-10pm

Looking for a place to host gatherings or celebrate birthdays? Kiseki Japanese Buffet Restaurant is an ideal venue as it offers an all-you-can-eat buffet (S$29.80++ to S$55.80++) with freshly prepared, beautifully presented sashimi. Aside from the sushi and sashimi, Kiseki Japanese Buffet also offers Teppanyaki and Tempura where you can watch skilled chefs cook your meal right in front of you! With its modern Japanese decoration, gentle lighting, and spacious seating arrangements, it is definitely a Japanese Buffet Restaurant in Singapore to give a try!

Customer Testimonial

“It was my brother’s birthday and we had dinner at Kiseki. They gave gim him a birthday cake and we loved it! There was a good variety and the food tasted amazing. The people were great too, very friendly and warm. It has been my third visit now and one thing is for sure, I am definitely coming back again.”

– Madelle Reyes

3. Suki-Ya

Suki-Ya - Japanese Buffet Singapore

Source: Suki-Ya via website – Japanese Buffet Singapore

Facebook: Visit Here

Instagram: Visit Here

Website: https://www.suki-ya.com.sg/ 

Address: Locations

Operating Hours: Locations

Who doesn’t love eating hotpot, especially when the weather is rainy and gloomy? (I do!!) Suki-Ya is a well known Japanese buffet chain restaurant with multiple outlets across Singapore that is definitely value for money. At S$22.90++ to S$27.90++ (for adults, during lunch & dinner), Suki-Ya’s Japanese Buffet provides 6 different Shabu-Shabu soup bases like tomato, shabu-shabu, sukiyaki, kimuchi, Buntaniku, and fresh soy miso (WOW!) and unlimited servings of premium meat like Wagyu Beef, Iberico pork, salmon, and many more.

Customer Testimonial

“First time visiting Suki-Ya .. what an enjoyable experience! The fatty beef was tender and the soup bases (we had the kimchee and butaniku) were perfect for our meats & veggies. Good value for money, with such a wide variety of food and drinks available. Ice Cream Dessert is an additional charge, but they have other desserts like fruit and jellies together with the price of your buffet. I must say the Hokkaido Milk Pudding was out of this world.”

– Francyn Tan

4. Tenkaichi Japanese BBQ Restaurant

Tenkaichi - Japanese Buffet Singapore

Source: Tenkaichi Japanese BBQ Restaurant  via website – Japanese Buffet Singapore

Facebook: Visit Here

Instagram: Visit Here

Website: https://tenkaichi.com.sg/ 

Address: 6 Raffles Boulevard, Singapore 039594

Operating Hours: Locations

Are you feeling bougie and want to splurge more? Next on the list, we have Tenkaichi Japanese BBQ Restaurant – an award winning restaurant that prides itself on Wagyu Beef BBQ. Tenakichi’s Japanese Buffet offers 3 different types of buffet – standard, deluxe and premium. The standard buffet (S$21.90++ to S$34.90++) consists of unique meats like the mala pork and chicken and beef shabu cut, alongside with other hearty Japanese dishes like chawanmushi, tamagoyaki, etc.

However, what stands out is the deluxe (S$49.90++ to S$59.90++) and premium buffet set (which is more recommended, in my opinion!) as they have a wider selection of meat cuts, sashimi, and seafood like Angus Ribeye, Pork Cheek Fillet, Ox Tongue, Shishamo, Salmon, etc for the deluxe set. As for the premium set (S$85.90++ to S$995.90++), everything mentioned above is included with additional Wagyu Sirloin Steak, 300g of different cuts of Wagyu, Unagi and other more premium ingredients. 

Customer Testimonial

“I was here on a quiet Friday afternoon for lunch, so many options! Decided to order 2 BBQ sets, one w/chicken, pork, another w/wagyu karubi & wagyu harami. The beef cuts were exceptional, soft, tender.side dishes like the chawanmushi (steamed egg), narumu (marinated bean sprouts/spinach/raddish), ebi tempura 🍤 were normal… meals comes with a dessert.”

– Vinz Beans

5. Shin Minori Japanese Restaurant

Shin Minori Japanese Restaurant - Japanese Buffet Singapore

Source: Shin Minori Japanese Restaurant via Tripadvisor – Japanese Buffet Singapore

Instagram: Visit Here

Website: https://www.shinminori.com.sg/ 

Address: Locations

Operating Hours: Locations

Another Japanese Buffet Restaurant in Singapore that is on the steeper end of the price point, but definitely worth every penny! Shin Minori Japanese Restaurant sources for the freshest food from a wide range of suppliers to replicate the taste of Japan right on our little red dot. The extensive ala-carte Japanese buffet (S$62.90++ to S$79.90) offers a plethora of options, be it sashimi, sushi types, Ippin Mono (appetisers), Mushimono (steamed dishes), Teppanyaki dishes and many more categories.

You might be wondering, what stands out between Shin Minori Japanese Restaurants? Well, apart from the high quality food, Shin Minori Japanese Restaurant also has an extensive selection of sake and shochu. With the Kanpal and Premium Buffet sets (S$99.90++), Shin Minori offers 70 and 120 minutes of free flow alcoholic beverages like Asahi Beer, Sake, Red & White wine, etc, respectively. 

Customer Testimonial

“What a delightful place! The freshest food (choose from the raw to the cooked foods) from an extensive, yet easy to navigate menu, friendly and efficient service, ambient and cozy seating, beautiful presentations…. From sushi to start with to delicious mochi desserts… This has to be one of the very best restaurants in Singapore – and it offers a buffet menu!!”

– Pete Klimek

6. Syohachi Yakiniku

Syohachi Yakiniku - Japanese Buffet Singapore

Source: Syohachi Yakiniku via website – Japanese Buffet Singapore

Facebook: Visit Here

Instagram: Visit Here

Address: 5 Wallich Street, Singapore 078883

Operating Hours: Daily, 11:30am-11pm

Calling all CBD working adults who have to meet up with clients after work or have a company gathering but are not sure where to go? Fret not, we have just the option for you!

Located just a stone throw away from Tanjong Pagar MRT Station, Syohachi Yakiniku is another great Japanese Buffet place in the CBD area of Singapore that is open till 11pm. With a wide interior, velvety booth seats, exhaust free grills and ample space for large gatherings, it’s a place where you can gather with your friends and family or host meetings, all while enjoying good quality Japanese Buffet dishes (S$80++) in Singapore. 

Customer Testimonial

“The A5 wagyu buffet was super worth it and the food is fresh! Staff are helpful and friendly too. Will definitely come back again!!!!”

– Rachel Alison

7. Kushi Japanese Dining

Kushi Japanese Dining- Japanese Buffet Singapore

Source: Kushi Japanese Dining  via website – Japanese Buffet Singapore

Facebook: Visit Here 

Instagram: Visit Here

Website: https://kushidining.sg/ 

Address: 601 MacPherson Road, Singapore 368242

Operating Hours: Daily, 11:30am-2:30pm | 6pm-10pm

Do you know about the famous Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo? Yes, that’s right! Kushi Japanese Dining sources most of their sashimis right from that famous Tsukiji Fish Market. So you know that their ingredients are quality! Priced at (S$52.80++ to S$56.80++), Kushi Japanese Dining’s Buffet offers a taste of authentic Japan ingredients spanning across 10 different categories – appetisers, sashimi, sushi, makimono, temaki, agemono, tempura, yakimono, kushiyaki, and nimono. So ready to chill after a long day? We’ve got the perfect place for you!

Customer Testimonial

“Variety in the weekend lunch buffet. Food seems fresh and cooked food were tasty. Sashimi were thickly sliced. Friendly and attentive service.“

– Sylvelin Ng

8. Kumo Japanese Buffet

Kumo Japanese Buffet - Japanese Buffet Singapore

Source: Kumo Japanese Buffet via website – Japanese Buffet Singapore

Facebook: Visit Here 

Instagram: Visit Here

Website: https://kumo-japanese-dining.business.site/  

Address: 321 Alexandra Rd, Singapore 159971

Operating Hours: Daily, 11:30am-2:30pm | 5:30pm-10:30pm

Located opposite Ikea Alexandra, we have Kumo Japanese Buffet (S$39.80++). Aside from the good quality sushi, sashimi, side dishes, and grilled dishes, something that stands out from Kumo’s Japanese Buffet menu is their wide selection of rice dishes. From the comforting beef/pork cutlet rice to something unique like Japanese porridge (Zosui) and green tea rice (Ochazuke), your authentic Japanese culinary experience is covered. Carb lovers, you’d definitely not want to miss this out!

Customer Testimonia

“Not my first visit to this Japanese restaurant and the last visit was probably 2 years back, but was pleased to find that the food standard remain good and very fresh. Ordered many varieties of dishes, all was fresh and tasty especially their sashimi. Will definitely be back!!“

– Fred C.

9. Yakiniku Ohji

Yakiniku Ohji - Japanese Buffet Singapore

Source: Eatbook – Japanese Buffet Singapore

Facebook: Visit Here

Address: 321 Clementi Ave 3, Singapore 129905

Operating Hours: Daily, 12pm-10pm

So far down this list, the majority of the Japanese Buffet are located in the central area of Singapore. Well Westies, we hear you! Next on the list, we have Yakiniku Ohji located just 2 bus stops away from Clementi MRT. Yakiniku Ohji is an affordable Japanese Buffet that allows diners to choose between the standard electric grill and the charcoal grill (I personally love using charcoal grill, it gives my food so much charred taste!), allowing diners to cook their preferred meat cuts to suit their taste buds.

Customer Testimonial

“Make your reservations before coming! The place is usually full on evenings, even for weekdays as well. Charcoal bbq adds an additional aroma to the meat. Ajitama was surprisingly good too. Their drinks aren’t included in the buffet prices, but servings are massive and you wouldn’t need a second cup. Order the beef short ribs! Very tender and possibly the cut we had.“

– Joy Wong

10. Shaburi & Kintan Buffet

Shaburi & Kintan Buffet- Japanese Buffet Singapore

Source: Shaburi & Kintan Buffet via Facebook – Japanese Buffet Singapore

Facebook: Visit Here

Instagram: Visit Here

Website: http://kintan-buffet.com/ 

Address: 50 Jurong Gateway Rd, Jem, Singapore 608549

Operating Hours: Daily, 11:30am-10pm

Nestled in the heart of JEM mall, Shaburi & Kintan is a Japanese Buffet (S$29.80++ to $39.80++) that specialises in combining both yakiniku and shabu-shabu. Shaburi & Kintan prides itself on creating a “personalised” shabu shabu experience! Unlike other shabu-shabu buffet restaurants where it is normally a shared pot, Shaburi & Kintan provides each diner with their individual hot pot. Diners can choose their own preferred soup base and whichever cut of meat they like. So what are you waiting for?

Customer Testimonial

“We ordered combo course, cause can enjoy hotpot and bbq! The meat and salmon quality are really good, and the buffet counter is variety of foods, got seafoods also, and they have free flow drinks and soft serve ice cream!! 😋 Definitely will come again!“

– X Y

11. Gyu-Kaku

Gyu-Kakun - Japanese Buffet Singapore

Source: Gyu-Kaku via website – Japanese Buffet Singapore

Facebook: Visit Here

Instagram: Visit Here

Website: https://www.gyu-kaku.com.sg/ 

Address: Locations

Operating Hours: Locations

With a whopping 11 stores located around Singapore, Gyu-Kaku is definitely a convenient Japanese Buffet Restaurant that you can consider whenever you want to indulge in a meat paradise. At S$89.90++ for Japanese Wagyu Buffet, one can enjoy up to 6 different cuts of premium wagyu beef flown straight from Japan. This Japanese buffet set also includes the Australian wagyu beef selection. Visit one (or multiple) of their outlets to enjoy that exquisite taste of Japan!

Customer Testimonial

“Nice yummy fresh meat items! The charcoal bbq meat melts in my mouth! And need to shout out that you feel fresh and Not smelly at all even after a 2hr long bbq session inside!!“

– YeeTing Ang

12. Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant

Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant - Japanese Buffet Singapore

Source: Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant via website – Japanese Buffet Singapore

Facebook: Visit Here

Instagram: Visit Here

Website: https://hokkaidosushi.com.sg/ 

Address: 81 Anson Rd, Singapore 079908

Operating Hours: Locations

Nestled at M Hotel at Tanjong Pagar, Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant is another Japanese Buffet in Singapore to consider for special occasions or large gatherings. Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant boasts a spacious dining area with 14-seater sushi counters and 4 private rooms (perfect for meet-ups!).

On top of that, they offer up to 80 plus varieties ranging from Sashimi, Sushi, Tempura, etc. All their seasonals fresh fish and ingredients are air flown in daily (whoa!) from the finest markets and purveyors around the world. So, if you are still having trouble thinking of a place to celebrate a special occasion, why not head down to Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant to experience their all-you-can-eat Japanese Buffet (S$48++ to S$58++)

(Side note: Don’t miss this promotion! For every follower on Facebook, they are giving out complimentary premium Sashimi platters. How awesome is that!)

Customer Testimonial

“So far the best Japanese buffet i have eaten. Value for money. Sashimi very fresh and wagyu beef cube taste excellent and tender. Now having promotion. UP $75++ and now $55++ per adult. Plus free parking. Service is good and fast. Unlike some Japanese buffet restaurant that play delayed tactics.“

– J L

13. Himawari Japanese Restaurant

Himawari Japanese Restaurant - Japanese Buffet Singapore

Source: Himawari Japanese Restaurant via Website- Japanese Buffet Singapore 

Facebook: Visit Here

Instagram: Visit Here

Website: https://himawarijapaneserestaurant.com/ 

Address: 991B Alexandra Rd, Singapore 119970

Operating Hours: Locations

Himawari Japanese Restaurant provides authentic and entertaining Japanese Buffet services (S$52.80++ to S$59.80++) in Singapore. Diners will be able to enjoy watching Japanese chefs personally creating and preparing your Sushi. Their buffet menu consists of unique Japanese items like Tako Wasabi (octopus mixed with wasabi), Spider maki (soft-shell crab), Salmon Head, and many more. Hurry head down to Himawari Japanese Restaurant to enjoy an interactive Japanese Buffet experience!

Customer Testimonial

“Came here for lunch on a Saturday. Buffet options were nice with shabu-shabu / sukiyaki and really fresh sashimi. Really come here for the thick cut sashimi! Staff are attentive and prompt, refills for drinks and timely questions if need any top ups required. Drinks are not part of the buffet though, so do take note! Overall great experience!“

– Cindy Wong Yijuan

14. Irodori Japanese Restaurant

Irodori Japanese Restaurant - Japanese Buffet Singapore

Source: Spring Tomorrow – Japanese Buffet Singapore 

Facebook: Visit Here

Instagram: Visit Here

Website: https://irodorirestaurant.com.sg/ 

Address: 382 Havelock Road, Singapore 169629

Operating Hours: Daily, 11:30am-2:30pm | 6pm-10:30pm

Any big eaters that are constantly hungry even after the buffet’s time limit over here? Don’t worry, we’ve not left you out! Irodori Japanese Restaurant’s Buffet (S$39.80++) does not have a time limit! (AKA the buffet ends when business hours close). With a plethora of selection over different categories of Sashimi, Maki Mono, Nigiri, Teppanyaki, etc, big eaters will definitely enjoy these carefully prepared, fresh ingredients Japanese dishes to their fullest capacity. 

Customer Testimonial, regular text paragraph size – bold

“Eat here. Outstanding. I sat at the bar and watched sushi/sashimi etc prepared with finesse, care and cleanliness. It tasted great. Hot food came out hot and crispy. Service was on point, even when crowd went from 15 to 75+. Where else can u eat a full belly of Japanese food for $40.  Get on it. #5starvalue.“

– Max Drummy


If you’re in the mood for it, Singapore offers a wide array of options when it comes to Japanese Buffets. From East to West, there are plenty of choices available. Be it known chain Japanese Buffets like Suki-Ya and Gyu-Kaku or more niche Japanese Buffet Restaurants like Ikoi, there will always be choices that suit your taste buds. 

So now that you’re equipped with the knowledge on where to experience the best Japanese Buffet in Singapore, prepare to go on a gastronomical adventure searching for the taste of Japan on this little red dot!

Still looking for great dining options here in Singapore? Click the links below:

• Written by Elvina Lee

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How do Japanese Buffets work?

A: Majority of the Japanese Buffets in Singapore require diners to pay for the buffet at a fixed price (inclusive of GST and service charge). Afterwards, diners can enjoy as much as they like within a time limit of 90 minutes.

Q: What is the price range of a Japanese Buffet in Singapore?

A: Typically, for an adult it ranges from $20 to $50 and above for lunch to dinner promotions. As for students, it ranges from $15 to $20 and above. For kids, the majority of the restaurants allow kids below 90cm dine for free. However, for clearer information, do check the respective restaurant websites for their pricing and menu.

Q: What is the difference between ala-carte Japanese Buffet and normal Japanese Buffet?

A: An ala-carte buffet is when diners can order unlimited individual items off the menu for the buffet price, as compared to a normal buffet where all dishes are put out for diners to take.

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