Clicking on the Order Number, users will be directed to a new page where Order Details and Transaction Timeline can be seen. Users are able to:

  • Export sales invoice to PDF format for local filings
  • Send sales invoice to Customers via email
  • Retrace the history of the transaction


(A) Completed Transaction: Details and Timeline No Function

1. Sales Invoice

Show users the transaction, and can be exported into PDF format.

a.  Adjustments: Promotion or discount for that line item.

b.  Add-ons / Options linked to product.

c. Customer Name and Membership Points Update

d. Payment Methods used for the transaction.


2. Transaction Details

Show users the opening and closing of the transaction, the responsible staff/ salesperson, and any additional notes made will also be shown.


3. Export

Allow users to export the sales invoice in PDF format.


4. Email to Customer

Enable users to send the sales invoice to customers via email.

a.  Enter customer’s email address

b.  Enter sender’s email address

c.  Click on Confirm to send email to the customer.

d.  Customer will then receive an email.

e.  The email will contain a sales invoice in pdf format.


(B) Voided Transaction: Details and Timeline

1. Voided

Voided transaction will show “VOIDED” on the sales invoice.


2. Transaction Timeline

For the sample transaction above, users are able to retrieve the following information:

  • The order was created and paid at 15:12hrs
  • The order was refunded at 15:33hrs
  • The order was confirmed as Voided at 15:33hrs
  • The staff who processed each of the transaction


3. Transaction Details

Show users the purchased and returned items (product SKU, product name, record and quantity change).



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