This section describes the General configuration for users’ Backend Portal.


Info Tab


1. Backend Creation

Shows the date when users’ Backend Portal was created.


2. Name

Shows the name of the user’s organisation.



Config Tab



1. Default time zone

Set the timezone of the Backend Portal.


2. Default currency

Set the currency to be used in Backend Portal.


3. Default decimal places for prices

Set the decimal places for base price and cost price.


4. Default decimal places for quantity

Set the decimal places for product quantity.


5. Default stock adjustment cost price

Allow users to configure the cost price to be assigned for inventory adjustments.

● $0

● Default Cost Price – this is set when product is created


6. Allow Credit Transaction & Account Transaction

Enables Credit Transaction & Account Transaction as default setting. If enabled in General Setup, these settings will be enabled as default when a customer is created in the database. Refer to Adding a new customer, item 5 & item 6.


7. Default input tax type

Set the default tax type that is assigned to the product during product creation.


8. Default input tax rate

Set the default tax rate that is assigned to the product during product creation.


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