Top 10 Best Bubble Teas in Singapore

Singaporeans don’t just like bubble tea, they LOVE it. When the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown started and the government announced the closure of bubble tea shops, Singaporeans queued for hours just to buy that one last cup of bubble tea due to the uncertainty of when bubble tea stores would reopen. 

The bubble tea industry in Singapore is saturated, with over 60 brands islandwide. With such a wide variety of bubble tea, we are spoiled for choice! Unsure of what to try or wish to change up your next bubble tea order because you’re bored of getting the same thing again? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Our EPOS marketing team headed down to ten different bubble tea outlets to taste test their renowned drinks, and reviewed them just for you! Read on to find out which drink you should order the next time you crave a cup of bubble tea!

#1 R&B

Upon tasting, it seemed like a decent blend between bitter and sweet with the brown sugar pearls more than making up for the bitter aftertaste of the tea. The pearls are soft, chewy and quite sweet, suggesting that they are cooked for an appropriate time. The drink is quite concentrated and it’s quite filling as well.

We would definitely recommend R&B for those looking for an affordable yet enjoyable cup of bubble tea!

#2 Tiger Sugar

The fresh milk has a thick consistency and the cream mousse further intensified the creaminess of the drink, giving it a richer and more flavourful taste compared to other bubble tea brands. The brown sugar pearls added a burst of sweetness to the otherwise plain tasting fresh milk and accentuated the taste of the drink.

Even though Tiger Sugar is slightly pricier than other bubble teas in Singapore, we feel that it’s definitely worth the hype and worth the price!

#3 Gong Cha

We tried their Lychee Tea with Basil Seeds. The sweet lychee flavour compliments the light tasting tea, serving as a very light and refreshing afternoon beverage. Compared to other common toppings like pearls and jelly, Gong Cha offers a greater diversity of toppings, inclusive of the Basil Seeds that we tried.

We would definitely recommend this drink to anyone born before 1995!

#4 Ji Long Tang

After taking the first sip, we could all agree that the drink tasted distinctly different from all the other bubble teas. Contrary to its appearance, the drink was not too thick and tasted delightfully fresh and sweet. The boba is soft and has a satisfactory bite. After mixing the sugar at the bottom and the cheese foam at the top, the texture of the drink became slightly thicker. All the ingredients incorporate well together to create a well-balanced drink that is sweet, creamy, and rich. 

We would highly recommend this drink for brown sugar lovers!

#5 Heytea

We ordered the Strawberry Cheezo with Bobo Pops as the dreamy pink colour was too irresistible. The cheese layer has a slightly salty taste and has a sweet aftertaste. At the bottom, there are real strawberry bits that have a sour, tangy taste. Together, the salty cheese layer and sour strawberry flavour blend together perfectly as the saltiness neutralises the sourness and vice versa. All in all, we found it to be a perfectly harmonious drink.

This drink definitely checks all the boxes in terms of visual appeal, taste, and texture. However, it leans more on the expensive side. Despite the price, we would still recommend you to try this refreshing drink at least once!

#6 Xing Fu Tang

We tried the Brown Sugar Boba Milk Tea and were pleasantly surprised by the deep flavours from the mixture of their fresh milk tea and brown sugar boba. The impeccable blend of milk tea and boba sets Xing Fu Tang apart from its competitors, giving them a competitive edge over other brown sugar milk teas.

We would definitely recommend Xing Fu Tang to those looking for a cup of bubble tea with a thicker and creamier taste!

#7 KOI

Our team headed down to try their Yeppo Honey Earl Grey Milk Tea. The first sip was quite delightful. Each sip gives you a delectable concoction of milk tea, coconut jelly, and pearls. Instead of sugar, this drink is sweetened using honey, which can be considered more natural and healthier. To make the drink even healthier, there is also an option for ‘less honey’, which did not make the drink any less delicious. In fact, we found that it made the tea taste more distinct and noticeable.

We would definitely recommend this for health enthusiasts looking for a sweet treat who wish to level up on their typical earl grey milk tea!

#8 Happy Cup

Upon taking the first sip, the fragrance of the tea was pronounced, welcoming us to take another sip of the strong and freshly brewed tea. The evaporated milk adds a tinge of sweetness to balance out the otherwise strong and bitter tea, giving it a wonderful mix to produce a bittersweet taste. The pearls have a smooth and consistent texture, making it irresistible to take another bite. 

Especially for tea lovers, we highly recommend giving Happy Cup a try! The rich and aromatic tea coupled with the flavourful evaporated milk blend well to give a nice and congruous cup of bubble tea!

#9 Sharetea

The milk tastes quite diluted and bland and the pearls unfortunately do not add much flavour to it. The pearls are rather hard, unyielding and not sweet enough. The sugar syrup also tastes singed and hence the element of sweetness in the drink seems to be lacking. The drink as a whole is light on the stomach and not very filling.

We may not purchase this again due to the minuscule helping for its price and the not so memorable taste as there are other alternatives at a cheaper price.

#10 Playmade

We tried their Osmanthus Oolong Milk Tea and decided to go for a more unorthodox combination with black sesame pearls, one of their hot favourites. The first sip definitely gave us a delightful surprise. There was an extremely fragrant floral and fairly sweet taste, presumably due to the osmanthus. We found it considerably sweeter than their other drinks despite ordering 25% sugar. The earthy taste from the sesame pearls helps to complement and balance out the floral sweetness from the drink, resulting in a delectable taste.

We would definitely recommend you to try this drink at least once, especially for those who have a sweet tooth! After all, it is a fairly unique drink compared to the classic milk tea.

What’s the verdict?

After trying so many different types of bubble tea, it is with no doubt that Singapore is indeed a bubble tea heaven, offering an abundance of options for locals to indulge in. With so many bubble teas shops and drink choices around, you may be wondering: how to choose the right bubble tea to buy?

For brown sugar lovers, we highly recommend giving Ji Long Tang and Tiger Sugar a try! Both brands offer a thicker milk consistency as compared to the average brown sugar milk drinks. For a more affordable option, you may wish to consider R&B as well.

Tea lovers who enjoy a strong tea taste should definitely give Happy Cup a go! Those who have a sweeter tooth and prefer a lighter tea taste can consider trying Gongcha. 

Fans of fruity drinks can consider splurging on Heytea, or choose a more affordable option at fan-favourite bubble tea shops KOI and Gongcha!

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