Singapore is a shopper’s paradise, there’s no doubt about that. With over 170 malls dotted all over the island, people spend a lot of time indulging in some retail therapy. However, that’s not so sustainable. The solution? Thrift shops, of course!

It’s a gamble whether you’ll find trash or stumble upon some treasures, but thrift shops in Singapore mean pre-loved clothes get reused and recycled, saving materials, resources and costs. With varying degrees of prices and quality, thrift stores are the perfect place to get some vintage, retro and trendy pieces for your wardrobe or home. You never know what you’re about to find!

Not sure where to find thrift shops in Singapore? We’ve put together a list of the 10 best thrift shops you must visit.

Ready to get digging for treasure?

Best Thrift Shops in Singapore For Trendy Bargains

1. The Fashion Pulpit

The Fashion Pulpit - Thrift Shop Singapore

Source: The Fashion Pulpit via Facebook – Thrift Shop Singapore

Facebook: Visit Here

Instagram: Visit Here

Website: https://www.thefashionpulpit.com/

Address: 6A Shenton Way, Singapore 068815

Operating Hours: Tue-Sun, 11am-7pm

Learn fashion tips & tricks, upcycle, repurpose or swap anytime! Unlike other thrift shops in Singapore where you purchase items (even if it is at a discounted price), The Fashion Pulpit focuses on swapping clothes for credits you can then spend in-store. Find extensive racks of clothing without breaking the bank and saving the planet, all in one! Their stock is always moving, always getting refreshed so there are treasures to find each time. The Fashion Pulpit makes clothing zero-waste, functional and fashionable once again.

2. Refash

Refash - Thrift Shop Singapore

Source: Refash via Facebook – Thrift Shop Singapore

Facebook: Visit Here

Instagram: Visit Here

Website: https://refash.sg/

Address: Locations

Operating Hours: Locations

With fresher styles and a fuller wallet, it’s time to refash your wardrobe at this thrift store. Refash is one of the largest thrift shops in Singapore and has over 9000+ pre-owned pieces of all sizes, styles and brands. You can also easily sell your own clothes to relieve the clutter of your wardrobe and make space for new clothes! Just drop off your clothes at any of their stores for evaluation. Explore a sustainably fashionable future at Refash.

3. New2U Thrift Shop

Source: New2U Thrift Shop via website – Thrift Shop Singapore

Facebook: Visit Here

Instagram: Visit Here

Website: https://new2u9.wixsite.com/new2uonlineshop

Address: 96 Waterloo St, Singapore 187967

Operating Hours:  Mon-Fri, 10:30am-2:30pm

If you’re all about that sustainable lifestyle and doing good for the world, New2U is the place for you! All funds raised through New2U Thrift Shop go towards SCWO and its initiatives, such as supporting women and children survivors of domestic violence. They not only have clothes for men, women and children, but also bags, jewellery, shoes, homeware, books and toys! It’s a thrifting paradise for anyone who wants to dive deep into pre-loved items.

4. MINDS Shop

MINDS Shop - Thrift Shop Singapore

Source: MINDS Shop via website – Thrift Shop Singapore

Facebook: Visit Here

Instagram: Visit Here

Website: https://minds.org.sg/for-adults/social-enterprise-programmes/

Address: Locations

Operating Hours: Locations

If you’re looking for pre-loved items at super tempting prices, MINDS Shop is a treasure trove of them! Their friendly staff with special needs will help make your thrifting experience a joy as you sift through clothing, accessories, home decor and  furniture to your heart’s content.

P.S. All proceeds from your purchases go towards the MINDS’ beneficiaries, helping them reach a fulfilling career and life.

5. Nightingale Thrift Shop

Nightingale Thrift Shop - Thrift Shop Singapore

Source: Nightingale Thrift Shop via Instagram – Thrift Shop Singapore

Facebook: Visit Here

Instagram: Visit Here

Address: 1 Queensway, Singapore 149053

Operating Hours: Wed & Fri, 2pm-6:30pm | Sat-Sun, 2pm-7pm

With a strong passion to reduce fashion waste through recycling and reusing pre-loved items Nightingale Thrift’s got everything from one-of-a-kind, unique pieces to familiar brands; some items even come in brand new! After some time sifting through, you’re bound to find something that you love. The charity thrift shop also supports people with autism through training and employment opportunities, as well as collecting donations for needy families.

6. The Barn

The Barn - Thrift Shop Singapore

Source: The Barn via Facebook – Thrift Shop Singapore

Facebook: Visit Here

Instagram: Visit Here

Website: https://www.cornerstoneservices.org.sg/the-barn

Address: Locations

Operating Hours: Locations

The Barn is a volunteer-run thrift shop in Singapore selling all kinds of items like clothing, accessories, household items, toys, small sports equipment and shoes! There’s no doubt you’ll find something you like out and you can even donate your own items so they’ll go to someone who will love it as much as you did. Not convinced? All of their inventory is donated by the public and all proceeds go towards Cornerstone Community Services’ welfare and wellness programmes to help out our community.

7. SSVP Shop

SSVP Shop - Thrift Shop Singapore

Source: SSVP Shop via Facebook – Thrift Shop Singapore

Facebook: Visit Here

Instagram: Visit Here

Website: https://ssvpsingapore.org/ssvp-shop/

Address:  501 Geylang Road, Singapore 389459

Operating Hours: Tue-Sun, 10am-4pm

Looking for pre-loved items at very affordable prices? Then you may just find what you are looking for at this thrift store! Located in Geylang, SSVP Shop is a social enterprise project by the Society of St Vincent de Paul (SSVP) Singapore. SSVP Shop is manned by volunteers and stocks clothing, accessories, household goods, electronics and novelty items for your perusal. You may even find some valuable items donated here if you’re lucky!

8. Nonmainstream

Nonmainstream - Thrift Shop Singapore

Source: Nonmainstream via Facebook – Thrift Shop Singapore

Facebook: Visit Here

Instagram: Visit Here

Address: 462A Crawford Lane, 191462 Singapore

Operating Hours: Fri-Sun, 1pm-7pm

Of course, we couldn’t leave Nonmainstream off our list! Get your hands on cool button downs, vintage sweatshirts, t-shirts and jackets, trendy bucket hats, stylish pants and so much more. They’ve also got a plethora of branded goods (we see you, Nike and FILA) at a fraction of the price. Unfortunately, they’re only open 3 days a week so make sure to keep up to date with their Instagram to know when their next haul is!

9. Praisehaven Mega Family Store, Salvation Army

Praisehaven Mega Family Store - Thrift Shop Singapore

Source:  Red Shield Industries via Facebook – Thrift Shop Singapore

Facebook: Visit Here

Website: https://www.salvationarmy.org.sg/

Address: 500 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, Singapore 678106

Operating Hours: Mon-Sat, 11am-7pm

As the largest thrift shop in Singapore, Praisehaven Mega Family Store definitely lives up to its name. It’s a thrifting wonderland for fashionistas and vintage household goods enthusiasts with a large trove of clothing, accessories, furniture, homeware and more! Plus, it’s always a good day when you find branded clothes or brand new clothes with their tags still on. It’s practically a steal, all for a good cause!

Psst! Unfortunately, while Praisehaven Mega Family Store is the biggest thrift store in Singapore, its prices are also higher than most other thrift stores. 🙁

10. Thrifteyseconds

Thrifteyseconds - Thrift Shop Singapore

Source: Thrifteyseconds via Facebook – Thrift Shop Singapore

Facebook: Visit Here

Instagram: Visit Here

Website: https://thrifteyseconds.cococart.co/

Address: 1 Bukit Batok Crescent, Singapore 658064

Operating Hours: By Appointment Only

This ones for those vintage, retro and 90s lovers out there, you know who you are and we love that for you. Thrifteyseconds has got you covered with collectibles, clothing, toys, glassware and accessories of all kinds. Their “junkyard wonderland” awaits your nifty, thrifty adventure into all things retro. It’s a colourful paradise of those old school classics, knick knacks and thingamajiggies that will enchant any thrift lover. Make sure you make a reservation through IG or WhatsApp before you visit, though!


Are you ready to go visit some thrift shops in Singapore? You might get some trash, or you might be lucky enough to spot treasures, but before you go, there are some things to keep in mind:

Be careful when thrifting and keep an eye out for bugs, strange smells and unorganised clutter. For your own hygiene and safety. Also, take care to not go overboard because many low-income families depend on thrift shops and secondhand clothing for their affordability.

Interested in other places to visit in Singapore? Why not treat yourself to some froyo after an afternoon of thrifting?

• Written by Adrija Chakravarti

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