14 Best Bicycle Shops in Singapore

Since the turn of 2020, we’ve seen a gradual increase in people picking up the hobby of cycling. With Singapore having an extensive 6,800km worth of cycling friendly routes (with more to come!) and the recent launch of the Cycling navigation feature on Google Maps, it’s no wonder that more people are taking up this healthy (and sometimes expensive) hobby and exploring what Singapore has to offer.

So if you’re looking to pick up your first bicycle or looking to upgrade, we’ve compiled a list of the top 14 bicycle shops in Singapore to get you up and about!

Key Consideration Factors

When choosing a good bicycle shop in Singapore, you may want to keep a few important factors in mind. 

    • Reputation. When choosing a bicycle shop, a good reputation and track record can get you an idea of what to expect from that bike shop. Check customer reviews and ratings to know how they perform and if the customers were satisfied with the service they received.
    • Range of Bicycles. A good bicycle shop should offer a range of bicycles and sizes to cater to customers’ various needs and preferences.
    • Services Offered. With buying a bicycle comes personalisation, accessories and of course, maintenance and cleaning. As such, you’ll also need to consider if the bicycle shop has additional services that you will need.
    • Budget. Of course, how much money you are willing to spend on your bicycle is a key consideration. What purpose does the bicycle have? Regardless of how much your budget is, there are a variety of bicycle shops in Singapore that’ll have something that works for you.
    • Quality of Service. One of the most important things to consider when  choosing a bicycle shop in Singapore is the quality of the bicycles they offer. And while price is important, you should also consider the value for money. It’s more worthwhile to invest in a quality bicycle that’ll last longer.

In any case, it’s always a good idea to visit multiple bicycle shops and compare their offerings before making a final purchase.

Best Bicycle Shops in Singapore

1. Happy Owl Cycle

Credit: Website – Bicycle Shop Singapore

Facebook: Visit Here
Instagram: Visit Here
Website: https://www.happyowlcycle.com.sg/
Address: 482 Changi Road, Singapore 419895
Operating Hours: Mon-Tue, 11:30am-5:30pm | Thu-Sat, 11:30am-5:30pm

Happy Owl Cycle is an authorised provider for Brompton Bicycle, a leading bicycle brand in the UK with made to order bikes, as well as Vello bikes for those who are looking for easy, foldable transport. With a premium collection ranging from road bikes, foldable bikes and city bikes, they have a variety of options to choose from. They also offer customised titanium bikes if you’re looking for something a little bit different!

Customer Testimonial

“Top notch and very friendly Owner and Staff. Bought my second Brompton from here. There is no hard selling done.Guys here share their experience and knowledge with buyers to get appropriate cycle for their needs. Definitely recommended. Cheers.”

– Pradnesh Nalawade

2. Cannasia

Credit: Foursquare – Bicycle Shop Singapore

Facebook: Visit Here
Instagram: Visit Here
Website: https://www.cannasia.com/
Address: 83 Frankel Ave, Singapore 458211
Operating Hours: Mon-Sat, 10am-6pm | Sun, 11am-5pm

Cannasia is the premium distributor for Cannondale & Orbea, of which the latter is the second oldest bicycle manufacturer still in existence today. Their catalogue of cross country bikes, touring bikes, e-bikes, road and city bikes, mountain bikes and triathlon bikes will allow you to peruse a variety of options before purchasing.

Additionally, if you are willing to wait, you can also pre-order premium new Orbea bikes. Cannasia also has a variety of clothing and accessories, and provides servicing for all makes and models of bikes. If you’ve purchased a bike from them, tune-ups are free of charge!

Customer Testimonial

Bought a Cannondale mountain bike here and requested for a full servicing before getting it on the road. The service was great, Kris and his fellow colleagues ensured my brakes and wiring were done properly before sending it to me. I was even given a new saddle which fits me perfectly. They addressed all my concerns and also gave me some beginner cycling tips on how to maintain my bike. Cannasia comes with my highest recommendation for anyone that’s looking for mid-range and high-end bike that will last you a long time.

– Phoebe Lim

3. cubeRpedia³

Credit: Facebook – Bicycle Shop Singapore

Facebook: Visit Here
Instagram: Visit Here
Address: Locations
Operating Hours: Locations

cubeRpedia³ provides you with a selection of foldable and mountain bikes from brands such as Volck, Sava and Titan. For those of you who may be looking for electric bikes, their catalogue also boasts a range of streamlined LTA approved power assisted bicycles (PABs) like the Venom and Scorpion models. These PABs also come with features like smart display meters and removable batteries.

Customer Testimonial

Purchased my brand new PAB from this outlet and i firmly believe that they have one of the best customer service among all the bike shops i’ve been to. After purchase support was exemplary and unmatched. The staff were very accommodating to my requests and were able to help me source for parts that i was looking for. Special thanks […] for allowing me to perfectly tune my bike to my liking. […] i really see myself coming back time and time again knowing that i can fully trust the staff to take care of me and my bike.

– Jeff Ng

Credit:Rodalink Website – Bicycle Shop Singapore

Facebook: Visit Here
Instagram: Visit Here
Website: https://www.rodalink.com/sg/
Address: Locations
Operating Hours: Mon-Sat, 11am-7pm | Sun, 11am-4pm

Looking for a premium bicycle shop in Singapore? Rodalink provides a large range of bikes from premium bike brands such as Polygon, Topeak, Kore and Marin. From road bikes, city bikes, mountain bikes, touring bikes, folding bikes and even kids bikes, you will be able to find one that suits your needs. You can also find spare parts and accessories in their store to add even more customisation!

Customer Testimonial

One of the things on my bucket list was to get a new bicycle after my basic training in NS, and I knew where to go to immediately. Heard many good things about Rodalink, and sure enough they are true. Greatly appreciate the help offered by Ikhlaas, Najib & Diane throughout the process from start to end. Additionally, I am impressed at the clarity of the explanations provided by them – the technicalities of the bicycle, advantages of it and so on. From someone who has very little knowledge about bicycles, I gained much through them 😄👍

– daniallutfi

5. Hello, Bicycle!

Credit: Time Out – Bicycle Shop Singapore

Facebook: Visit Here
Instagram: Visit Here
Website: https://hellobicycle.com.sg/
Address: Locations
Operating Hours: Daily, 11am-9pm

With brands like Linus, Cruzee, Strida, Tokyobike and many more, this bicycle shop in Singapore has bikes for all ages so even young children can have a go! Check out Hello, Bicycle!’s foldable bikes and balance bikes if you’re teaching your young kids how to ride a bike. Or perhaps even get your old cycle valued and traded in their Trade-in Program!

Customer Testimonial

Recently, I bought a foldable bike for my daughter. The first time I visited the shop, although I didn’t buy as I wasn’t ready to buy yet, the friendly staff treated me with enthusiasm and professionalism. The second time I visited the shop, different friendly staff again treated me with much professionalism and enthusiasm.  This, coupled with the reasonable bicycle price, has provided me a very positive shopping experience. I recommend this shop.

– Jim Lea

6. Treknology3

Credit: Treknology Website – Bicycle Shop Singapore

Facebook: Visit Here
Instagram: Visit Here
Website: https://www.treknology3.com/
Address: Locations
Operating Hours: Locations

Treknology 3 is one of the best bicycle shops in Singapore to get durable bikes for heavy use. From road bikes, mountain bikes and triathlon bikes, you can browse their selection and find the perfect one for your adventures! Teaching your kids to ride a bike? You can even get your kids bicycles here. Or if you’re in the market for it, check out their women specific design (WSD) collection to give you more comfort.

They also have car racks and other storage solutions if you’re travelling or need to store your bikes somewhere.

Customer Testimonial

Very efficient customer service, with detailed and knowledgeable explaination to type of bicycle for your requirement. Good location to test ride on a road too. The price comes with the quality of the products. Happy with my purchase!

– Sonia Patel

7. Mr. Bicycles

Credit: Facebook – Bicycle Shop Singapore

Facebook: Visit Here
Carousell: Visit Here
Website: https://www.mrbicycles.com/
Address: 3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62, Singapore 569139
Operating Hours: Daily, 10am-7pm, by appointment only.

Mr. Bicycles is a cycle shop that specialises in selling fixed wheel bicycles, or fixies as they’re affectionately known to the cycling community.

Whether you’re a professional cyclists or just a commuter, Mr Bicycles provides compact and durable bikes that will make it easy to travel along narrow or rough roads. From brands such as Tsunami, Weapon and Leader, they have a selection of fixed wheel bikes, track bikes, performance road bikes and even foldable bikes where you can find a strong, high quality bike to take on your rides.

You can even get spare parts and cyclist accessories, making them the perfect one-stop cycle shop for your needs.

Customer Testimonial

Really nice guy and good service. Got new cog and feels really nice. Quality of the parts and frames there is great. He even helped with my headset and pumped up my tire without me asking. Would definitely recommend coming here.

– Zrinex

8. Decathlon

Credit: Facebook – Bicycle Shop Singapore

Facebook: Visit Here
Instagram: Visit Here
Website: https://www.decathlon.sg
Address: Locations
Operating Hours: Locations

And of course, who wouldn’t add in our favorite French mega sports store, Decathlon. It’s is the perfect stop if you’re new to biking with their wide range of city bikes, road bikes, mountain bikes, hybrid bikes and children’s bikes.

They are known for providing very good entry to mid level bicycles at affordable prices, making this a great choice for anyone looking to pick up the sport!

With their famous Triban and Van Rysel line of cycling equipment, you can be sure to find your perfect bike at affordable prices. Explore their assortment of accessories and clothing so you don’t have to go searching.

Customer Testimonial

I visited the store with my nine-year-old son to check out the Roadbike. Deleon was very knowledgeable, patient and helpful. He recommended a bike to us, answered my boy’s questions and gave him tips on how to ride it. Deleon squatted down to my boy’s eye level while explaining. We had a wonderful shopping experience today. 

– Deb

9. Bike Mart SG

BikeMart SG - Bike Shop Singapore

Credit: Instagram – Bicycle Shop Singapore

Facebook: Visit Here
Instagram: Visit Here
Address: 140 Sims Ave, Singapore 387462
Operating Hours: Mon-Sat, 12pm-7:30pm

If you’re looking for high quality premium road bikes, check out BikeMart SG! They provide a selection of their flagship bike brand, Wilier Triestina, ready to take you wherever you need to go. Not only that, but powered by onlinebicycle, they sell wheelsets, tyres, tubes and more to add some extra accessories to your bicycle. BikeMart SG even provides custom orders for bikes so you can find the perfect one for you!

Customer Testimonial

This is one of the best bike shops in SG. The staff and owner are really patient and explains bike stuff to customers. They have a huge selection of accessories to check out and buy too. I love that they carry wilier triestina. they are one of the most beautiful bicycles made on earth. 5 stars!

– Yi Kang Ng

10. Mighty Velo

Credit: Facebook – Bicycle Shop Singapore

Facebook: Visit Here
Instagram: Visit Here
Website: https://www.mightyvelo.com/
Address: 30 Tai Seng Street, Singapore 534013
Operating Hours: Mon-Sat, 10am-12pm and 1pm-7pm, by appointment only.

Looking for convenience? Mighty Velo has over 15 years of experience in foldable bikes, their compact and super lightweight nature making them easy to carry around with you as you go about your day. Furthermore, they also offer their CarryAll tricycle, a perfect solution for non-cyclists, active seniors, children and those with special needs.

Customer Testimonial

For the past 10 years, they are the only trusted place that i buy my bicycles from. Always answering my never-ending questions patiently, but never pushy. Sometimes they even try to stop me from spending more on things that they feel will not benefit my riding experience.

– dennis ler

11. Attitude Bikes

Credit: Facebook – Bicycle Shop Singapore

Facebook: Visit Here
Instagram: Attitude Bikes
Address: 118 Telok Kurau Rd, Singapore 423803
Operating Hours: Mon-Sat, 1pm-10pm

If you’re looking for a customised two wheeler, go over to Attitude Bikes where no two bikes are the same! With brands like AtomLap, DRM Bikes and Rohloff, you’ll find enjoyment in every aspect of your biking adventure. You won’t find this level of customisation in any other bicycle shop in Singapore! And they’re not just a cycle shop. You can also go on one of their riding trips so you can experience different terrains and share their love of biking!

Customer Testimonial

AtitudeBikes has been servicing, assembling and disassembling my bikes since 1999. Bought my 2006 Nicolai Helius FR frame and my 2015 Nicolai Ion 16 frame (PaintExtreme AirBrush job) from them. Got wheelsets built by AB too. Each visit has been a joy. Walton is patient, meticulous and understanding of what his customers need and want. His suspension tuning and wheelset truing and building skills are excellent. You can be sure that your bike is in safe hands when Walton is working on it.

– Benjamin Chen

12. Byx Singapore

Credit: Facebook – Bicycle Shop Singapore

Facebook: Visit Here
Instagram: Visit Here
Website: https://www.byx.com.sg/
Address: 403 River Valley Rd, Singapore 248301
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri, 11am-7:15pm | Sat, 10am-7:15pm

For cycling enthusiasts, Byx celebrates leading Italian brands such as Bianchi, Officina Battaglin and Basso as well as Niner, a US mountain bike brand. This bicycle shop in Singapore provides a large selection of racing bikes, mountain bikes and road bikes to appeal to every requirement of adventure. Byx also provides maintenance and assembly of new bikes while also being one of the few bike shops to offer suspension services. If you’re ever looking for a leading bicycle shop in Singapore that is also a bike repair shop, Byx is one of the top choices!

Customer Testimonial

Bought XR4 frame from the shop. BYX provides excellent customer service and their staff is extremely friendly. They have given me a lot of advice and tips on how to maintain my bikes

– Lim hoe han (Haners)

13. Pro Cycle Bikes Singapore

Credit: Facebook – Bicycle Shop Singapore

Facebook: Visit Here
Instagram: Visit Here
Address: Blk 11 Jalan Bukit Merah, Singapore 150011
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri, 11am-7pm | Sat, 12pm-5pm 

Going for more of an adventure or performance driven bike? Pro Cycle Bikes has you covered! Their collection includes road bikes, triathlon bikes, mountain bikes, gravel bikes and hybrid bikes from brands like Voodoo and Cervelo. As one of the best bike shops in Singapore, their variety of high quality components and accessories allows you to customise your ride and make your adventure even better!

Customer Testimonial

Absolutely fantastic experience at Pro Cycle Bikes – easily one of the best bike shops in Singapore.  The new bike is first class, the set-up is perfect and the whole experience was great.  This place has a very customised approach, with great attention to detail and a genuine desire to get everything right – rare to see in my experience.  A huge thank you to Sarah and Darren for everything, excellent service from start to finish.

– Phillip de Josselin

14. TWD Bicycle

Credit: Facebook – Bicycle Shop Singapore

Facebook: Visit Here
Instagram: Visit Here
Website: https://www.twdbicycle.com/
Address: 194 Pandan Loop, Pantech Business Hub, Singapore 128383
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri, 11am-5pm

Interested in getting an electric bike instead? Check out TWD Bicycle! They have premium LTA approved Power Assisted Bicycles and PMDs for your safety and convenience. Their ergonomic e-bikes are both lightweight and durable, providing you with the perfect electric transport. The price also includes LTA registration, the orange tag and license plate.

Customer Testimonial

Regardless of whether you are in the market for a casual eBike, or looking for a commuting or ground transportation alternative, this is the place to be. Tony and his small team at TWD not only provide quality, fully legal and pre-registered SG PAB eBikes, they follow through with excellent after-sales advice and service; the latter which is often overlooked when owning an eBike (think battery, motor, drivetrain, cadence & brake sensors). They have a spacious showroom and workshop, and treat your eBike like a vehicle.

– Frank


And that’s our list of the best bike shops in Singapore! If you’re ready to start cruising your way around Singapore, you might just find one that matches your needs. After all, each of these stores has their own speciality to fit your needs, from city bikes to mountain bikes, or children’s bikes to e-bikes.

Visit them to purchase a two-wheeler that you will love! Or if you’re still looking to buy a bike, but need to get around in the meantime, why not check out our list of best bike rentals in Singapore?

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• Written by Adrija Chakravarti

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Should I own my own bike?

A: Owning your own bicycle can be beneficial for you in many ways, and can in fact, be a worthwhile investment for cycling enthusiasts. Unlike rental services, you don’t have to pay each time, and can ride whenever and wherever you want without being constrained by time. Personal bikes are also more customised to your size and riding needs, offering better performance than rented ones. You can also customise it however you like, with accessories that enhance your riding experience. 

However, whether or not you should buy a bike of your own depends on a few factors: how frequently you intend to ride it, and how  much budget you are willing to put towards it initially.

Q: Do bicycle shops in Singapore offer any other types of services?

A: Yes, aside from selling the bicycles, most bicycle shops in Singapore offer a variety of additional services you may need for your bicycle. These services include bike repairs, maintenance and cleaning, and accessories. In addition to that, they can also provide professional bike fitting services such as making adjustments to the seat and handlebars to ensure that your bicycle suits your riding position and style.

Bicycle shops in Singapore may also offer bike rentals, if you’re not sure about buying a bike yourself yet, and guided tours and cycling events. These tours and workshops are tailored to any and all levels of cyclists, and are geared to help you build your skills and confidence.

Q: How to buy a bicycle for beginners?

A: If you are a beginner or new to buying a bicycle, there are a few things you might want to consider beforehand. Why do you want a bike? Determine your needs, where you will ride it, your fitness levels and your budget. Doing your own research through online reviews, videos and other people’s testimonials will help you narrow down what type of bicycle suits you. When you’ve either settled on what you want or you want to explore in store, go for it! Choose a bicycle shop in Singapore that is reputable and has knowledgeable staff to help you fix you up with the right bike. If you can take it for a test ride to get a feel for it, that’s even better.

Q: What should I look out for when buying a bike in Singapore?

When buying a bicycle, it’s good to consider a few factors:

    • The bicycle type that suits your needs and preferences
    • Durable frame materials and quality of the components
    • The fit and comfort for your body proportions and riding preferences
    • A price range that matches your budget
    • If there is a warranty and after-sales support
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