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As we approach the post-pandemic world, businesses have to grow and adopt new technologies in order to stay competitive. As such, digitalisation is crucial for most SMEs, F&B businesses included. Despite that, not all businesses have the ability to digitalise due to a lack of manpower and resources. This is where government grants and support schemes play a large part in aiding SMEs to transform their business.

If you’ve been facing business struggles such as a lack of manpower, inefficient manual processes, managing too many delivery platforms with high platform fees and low customer retention, we’ve found a solution for you. 

Thus, introducing the new IMDA F&B Digital Solutions Grant! So if you are looking to upgrade or purchase a new POS system for your F&B business, you just may be eligible for the best grant available yet for F&B.

What is it?

In the Budget 2022, IMDA announced a new government grant. This grant allows SMEs to purchase solutions to deepen their digital capabilities and prepare them for a digital future.

In specific, this grant allows EPOS, specially approved by IMDA, to help F&B businesses digitalise, providing you with the best grant to get a unique EPOS All-in-One Integrated Digital Solution for F&B.

What does it offer?

The EPOS x IMDA grant offers eligible businesses up to 80% subsidy off our Digital Solution. And the best part? It only requires 20% payment upfront!

Why is the EPOS x IMDA Grant the best for your F&B Business?

With the EPOS x IMDA Grant, you can get immediate approval; there’s no need to fear rejection if you meet the eligibility requirements. You also don’t have to wait months for cashback or the installation.

Here’s a comparison between the EPOS x IMDA Grant and the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG):

Who is eligible?

Any SME in Singapore! As long as you fit the following criteria:

  1. Be ACRA-registered, taxable and operating in Singapore
  2. Have a primary or secondary SSIC code starting with 56
  3. Have a minimum of 30% local shareholding
  4. Have annual sales turnover is less than $100 million OR less than 200 employees
  5. Have a Singapore Food Agency (SFA) Licence

What does it mean for you?

Okay, so you now know what the EPOS x IMDA Grant is and how it benefits you. But what does it actually mean for you? What else do you get out of the EPOS All-in-One Integrated Digital Solution for F&B?

This digital solution helps SME F&B businesses like yours maximise your manpower and operations, and

  • Save operational costs
  • Grow your sales
  • Increase business efficiency

You’ll get a seamless all-in-one solution for your business needs. Along with a POS system and the relevant hardware, you’ll get

  1. Contactless Ordering. Use QR code ordering to create smooth service and quicken kitchen operations.
  2. Online Ordering & Delivery. Create a customised e-store for delivery orders, and integrate with food delivery platforms like FoodPanda and GrabFood. Also directly arrange for delivery with Lalamove and GrabExpress integrations.
  3. ePayments. Accept e-payments via SGQR, DBS Paylah!, UOB PayNow and Visa/Master for smooth and easy transactions.
  4. Marketing. Better your customer relationship management (CRM) with customer loyalty programs, discounts, coupons and promotions.
  5. Accounting. Integrate with Xero or Quickbooks for automatic and direct accounting.

All it takes is 5 Simple Steps

It’s simple and easy! To get the government grant, all you have to do is…

Step #1 – Apply for the EPOS x IMDA Grant

Meet the requirements? Our team will be in touch with you to fill up the application and necessary documents.

Step #2 – Arrange an Installation Date

Once all the documents are in order, we will arrange with you an installation date around 10-15 days after you’ve submitted your application.

Step #3 – Make Payment

Before the installation, make the 20% payment upfront and our team will prepare the installation.

Step #4 – Installation and Training

On the day of installation, our team will arrive to install, setup & train your team on how to use the solution.

Step #5 – Customer Success

After the installation, we work with your team to ensure that the implemented EPOS solutions can help your business to grow!


With over 20 initiatives, Singapore’s government has encouraged SMEs to grow, digitalise and adapt to the future of business. The EPOX x IMDA Grant adds another to that list. Capitalising on these government grants means you can get the most out of digital solutions, streamline your business processes, reduce costs and grow your business.

Join a group of F&B businesses who’ve kickstarted their digital journey using our EPOS All-in-One Integrated Digital Solution for F&B, subsidised by the EPOS x IMDA Grant! 

If you are interested in learning more about the EPOS x IMDA government grant and our digital solution, download the free e-booklet attached!

Or please contact us to schedule a free demo to understand how EPOS can help your business grow!

Click to Download
Downloadable e-brochure about the EPOX x IMDA F&B Digital Solutions grant

IMPORTANT AMENDMENT: As of May 2022, the EPOS x IMDA Grant will cover up to 70% of the cost, so you only have to pay 30% upfront.

• Written by Adrija Chakravarti

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