Upon logging in and starting a shift on EPOS FRONTEND POS, users will be shown the main Sales Screen as the default page. The table below further describes each numbered balloon.

1. POS Menu

Shows different administrative functions for EPOS FRONTEND POS.

2. Table Management

Shows the table layout and table orders, See Operating the FRONTEND POS for F&B Services.

3. Company Name & Outlet Name

Shows the company name and outlet name as inserted in Receipt Template Setup. To edit this information, refer to BACKEND MANUAL subsection <insert link>

4. Notification Tab

Shows the notification which requires users’ actions. Mainly handles orders from Shopify and Web Ordering.

5. Search

Allow users to search for products.

6. Customer

● Allow users to search for customers.

● Allow users to create new customers.

For more information see Managing Customer. <insert link>

7. Order Menu

Displays a menu which allows users to perform order related actions.

8. Quickpicks

Allow users to add items/group of items to the main Sales Screen and add to cart in one click. See Setting Up Quickpick for more information.

9. Quickpick Tabs

Allow users to add items to 10 different quickpick pages. See Setting Up Quickpick for more information.

10. Customer Information

Shows the information of the customer tagged to an order. For more information see Managing Customers.

11. Order Information

Shows the following information:

● Order Cart – Shows the list of products added to order

● Order No

● Subtotal

● Discount

● Promotion

● Tax Total

● Notes for the order

12. Number of items

Number of items added to the order.

13. Order

Allow users to send items to the kitchen printer manually. Can be enabled from EPOS BACKEND PORTAL.

💡To enable it, refer to BACKEND MANUAL subsection 7.9.1, under kitchen printer☑️Printing Manual Enable config.

14. Bill

Allow users to print the pre-settlement bill. Will be shown as long as the table management module is enabled for the users.

15. Pay

Allow users to checkout the current order and proceed to the payment page. See Payments for more information <insert link>