Innovations have continually improved existing technology and constantly changed the way we do business.

For retailers and restaurants in Singapore, many are shifting to a Cloud based Point of Sales (POS) system because of the benefits it offers.

What is a Cloud POS system?

To begin with, Cloud is just another way to say the internet.

In other words, a Cloud POS System is a POS system that runs on the internet.

The typical POS system processes and stores your data either on a computer hard drive or a physical server.

A Cloud POS System does this on the Internet instead.

How do they work?

Modern POS systems usually have two modes.

A front-end interface for cashiers and a back-end with analysis and management functions for employer usage.

These can all be accessed only on your local server, for example, on a computer in your store.

However, in a Cloud based POS System, the front-end interface is accessed through the POS machine or a mobile app while back-end POS functions can be accessed through a web browser.

Cloud based POS System also provides the possibility of connecting your brick and mortar stores to your eCommerce store and lets you manage everything on one platform.

Who is it for?

Upgrading to a cloud based POS system may prove to be very beneficial to some companies.

Retailers and restaurants in particular have seen significant change in their business process after incorporating Cloud POS Systems into their business model.

A good example would be quick service restaurants such as Ajisen Ramen. They use a Cloud POS System to take orders through a tablet. 

The app uploads their order directly to the kitchen and effectively cuts down the customers waiting time

Whereas for retailers and minimart owners, a cloud based POS allows them access to the back-end system and analyse or manage the business at any time without disrupting front-end cashiering processes.

Companies like EPOS offer these products in Singapore. 

What’s more if you’re a local business, there are grants available that absorb up to 70% of the cost.

Why should you upgrade to a cloud POS System?

The main reason to upgrade to a cloud POS system is efficiency.

Cloud POS system helps to lessen the workload and minimise human error through the use of the internet.

As technology evolves and gains security, our businesses have to adapt as well.

Changing to a cloud based POS System can ensure your business progresses with the times and gives you assurance in the way you handle your business.

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