DRB Unsuccessful? Here’s How To Appeal

Digital Resilience Bonus Appeal 

The channel for DRB appeal channel is not well-known due to which many businesses give up after realising they might not meet some of the eligibility criteria.

Your business needs to meet four baseline eligibility criteria so you can qualify for DRB bonus:

  1. UEN must fall under Retail Sectors so that means the SSIC code must start with (47)
  1. UEN must be incorporated on or before 26 May 2020
  1. UEN must have an active PayNow Corporate account
  1. UEN must be on Peppol e-invoicing network

What can you appeal?

Business owners can only appeal Criteria 1 if their business do not have the necessary SSIC code.

Here’s why

Criteria 2 is irrefutable if UEN was incorporated after 26 May 2020.

Meanwhile criteria 3 and 4 will not be a problem as you can create a PayNow Corporate account and register for Peppol at any time.

UEN must fall under Retail Sectors – SSIC code must start with (47)

When businesses fail to meet this criteria, it is usually due to a few reasons.

  1. Businesses have started as a non-retail business in nature but slowly branched out to retail.
  1. Businesses may have registered under the wrong SSIC code from the beginning so double check that.

If you believe your business falls under any of the above then you can fill in an appeal form for a DRB officer to review.

Digital Resilience Bonus Appeal Form

You can find the appeal form here.

While appeals are subjected to a case by case basis, you can prepare certain materials for a better chance at a successful appeal.

Here is the key information and material you need to provide.

  1. Describe the full range of activities of your company. This should include product offerings and existing sales channels. You can also provide address(es) of retail shopfront(s) and link(s) to e-commerce / e-marketplace sites. This is the biggest contributing factor to your appeal so that you can prove that your business has a retail aspect.
  1. Upload a photo or a screenshot of your current shopfront/ecommerce site.
  1. Declare your annual revenue from your latest financial year and indicate if more than 50% of your revenue comes from retail sale of products to B2C consumers, you may choose to upload any supporting documentation.
  1. So indicate if your digital solution is pre-qualified. (You can check here to see if your digital solution is listed)

Furthermore, you can check our grant information page to find out more about the Digital Resilience bonus, Productivity Solution Grant and SkillsFuture Enterprise Credit.

EPOS is a pre-approved vendor for Digital Resilience Bonus (Retail). In conclusion, Our Point of Sales (POS) System is the most comprehensive and full featured POS system in Singapore. Moreover, we are the only POS system that qualifies for the DRB Category 3 – Data Mining & Analytic.

If you’re interested in applying for a POS system then feel free to give us a call at +65 6871 8833. Our local expert will provide a free consultation session or you can also schedule a demo to understand how our system can benefit your business.

So if you have any further query, feel free to reach out to us.


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