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Data Driven POS System

Designed To Help You Grow

Our POS System break down raw business data such as sales, inventory and customer information and convert them to powerful and insightful analysis that helps maximise your business sales and efficiency.

Data Aggregation

Data Analysis

AI Software

Data Analytic and 
Mining Feature

Understand your data & bring your business to the next level.

Automated Up-Selling

Use historical sales data to provide highly relevant product to up-sell at checkout 

Sales Forecast

Use historical sales data, market demand and many other data set to forecast predicted sales for the next 7 days

Market Basket Analysis

Highlight frequently sold products for undiscovered bundle promotion or up-selling

Smart Inventory Reordering

Automatically generate purchase order with suggested reorder quantity based on inventory, stock in hand and demand

Out-of-Stock Loss Analysis

Calculate the predicted loss of sales during out-of-stock duration using your typical sales volume

Digital Resilience Bonus

EPOS is a pre-approved vendor of the Digital Resilience Bonus (DRB) Grant

Eligible Enterprises To Receive Up To $10,000 Cash Payout For Digital Adoptions

Category 1 - Business Process


For adoption of business process solution that helps improve accounting, HR/payroll and inventory management 

Category 2 - Digital Presence


For adoption of e-Commerce Solution that helps establish a digital presence

Category 3 - Data Mining & Analytics


For adoption of Data Mining & Analytic that provide useful insights based on your day-to-day business data

Category 3 - Data Mining & Analytics

What are the eligibility criteria?

1) Your UEN must fall under Retail Sectors 
(Check your SSIC)

2) Your UEN must be incorporated on or before 26 May 2020

3) Your UEN must have an active PayNow Corporate account

4) Your UEN must be on Peppol e-invoicing network

EPOS Is Currently The Only Qualified POS Solution Provider For Category 3 - Data Mining & Analytics

In support of:

Supported by:

EPOS is a qualified Digital Resilience Bonus (DRB) solution provider, eligible SMEs can qualify for up to $10,000 in bonus on top of grants.

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Customer Review

EPOS is trusted by over 3,000 business owner across Singapore

Had a pleasant experiences with EPOS. Sales staff was very professional in his work, good product knowledge and excellent response with all milestones and appointments arranged even during short notice. Technical support helped set up the system at site and was very patient and helpful in familiarising us with the system as well as configuring the system to suit our needs. Thanks.

Long Phung
Lee Hee Moon

We needed a POS system to ease the operation matters at work, and we came across EPOS. Sales staff was assigned to take care of our account and he has been really helpful. When we face some technical questions, they are quick to jump in to assist us in every aspects. Glad I chose EPOS as my choice. Thanks!

GenK Jewelry
Genevie Yeo

We were served by the sales staff and he gave a clear explanation of how the system works. Appointment was then quickly arranged for the following week. Everything was setup nicely on the day of the installation. EPOS's features are useful for out business and its also easy to use.

Jasmine Liang
Autelier Makeup


EPOS is a qualified Digital Resilience Bonus (DRB) solution provider, eligible SMEs can qualify for up to $10,000 in bonus on top of grants.

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