The reopening of Phase 2, effective 19 June, was announced yesterday.

While retail and f&b stores has been given the green light to reopen, there are some key information that owners should know.

Below are key-points on business reopenings, extracted from a CNA article.

1. Retail businesses may reopen their physical outlets.

2. Food and beverage dine-in is now allowed. Up to five people are allowed to sit together. Tables must be spaced one metre apart. Outlets will have to cease liquor sales and consumption at 10.30pm. Live music, as well as television and video screenings will not be allowed in all f&b outlets at this stage.

3. Larger public venues with high human traffic such as malls and large standalone retail outlets will be subject to capacity limits. Operators will be required to prevent crowds or long queues from building up within and in the immediate vicinity of their premises. 

Infographic by Rafa Estrada Source: Ministry of Health

4. Mandatory implementation of safe distancing measures

5. Business who wish to reopen are required to submit the number of workers who are working on-site via the GoBusiness portal within two weeks of the date of resumption of on-site operations

6. Possible closure of businesses and organisations that flout the safe management rules.

Here at EPOS we aim to provide useful tips to retail and f&b owners in Singapore.

Here are some blog articles that can help you out when planning your business reopening.

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